mcallenMcAllen was founded in 1909, and its population is about 129,776. Fortunately for those of us living here the city decided to opt in to deregulation.

This deregulation choice means you have multiple prices and company choices when it comes to selecting an electric rate.

For a new family moving to McAllen you will need to get settled in to your new place and the first thing you need to do is establish electricity in your name.

The most popular rate people choose is the 12 month fixed rate. You will find companies that offer cheaper prices with 1 month and variable month-to-month prices but these are always subject to change.

With the cheaper no contract no commitment plans like a variable plan you have your price hiked up on you after 30 days.

It’s best to avoid variable plans like this unless you will be at your McAllen home for a temporary period of time.

These shorter term plans are also good if you simply want to try out a new company but aren’t ready to fully commit yet.

If you are in the mood to just try out a company I strongly urge you to place a reminder on your phone at the 30 day mark so you can go back out shopping rates again.

Be sure to switch at the 30 day mark to avoid paying a higher price. I am telling you to remind yourself for another reason as well.

Electric companies bill you 30 – 45 days after you have used your electric usage. You could have your rate raised on you and not find out for several days.

Once you find out 30 days later that you have been paying double for electricity service you don’t have a lot of recourse after that because your bill has already come.

I say all this just to give you plenty of warning that in almost all cases going with the fixed price for McAllen Texas electricity service will be your best option.

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