midlandMidland is a West Texas town founded in 1881 and has just over 100,000 people. For those that have lived in Midland for a while you remember back when TXU was the only electric company you could choose.

For lots of us we are relocating or recently relocated to Midland for a better job opportunity. One of the first things you do when moving into your home is pick a new electric company.

You don’t just have to go with TXU who likely is more expensive than the dozen or so providers competing with them in Midland.

We offer a comparison chart that allows any Midland business or residential electric service customer to quickly compare and find a cheap rate for their service.

We offer a comparison of multiple providers we have vetted and allow you to compare similar fixed terms, variable plans, and other plans against each other.

For those with bad credit we will even show you a good selection of prepaid electricity companies that do not check credit and offer you quick turn on service.

A lady by the name of Susan used our comparison chart just the other day and called to ask some questions that maybe you have as well.

Susan from Midland wanted to know if the prices in our comparison chart include all the fees and charges or if maybe we were hiding anything from her.

This is a great question because many providers will give you a quote that only shows you the “energy only” portion of the rate and not the additional TDSP charges.

We do not quote you half of the rate and make up excuses such as the TDSP portion being a pass through charge that the provider is not owner of.

Of course the pass through charges come from the pole and wires company and are the same regardless but even so the consumer wants to see the total all in rate and so that is what you get from us.

We specifically don’t leave off these extra charges because that would be dishonest and you want not be able to accurately compare the prices on the chart with the provider you are currently using.

If you are an existing electric service customer of TXU or another provider in the Midland area you will see something on your bill that says, “The average price you paid for electric service this month is”

This part on your bill will show you a rate and this price is a great price to use to compare with the rates shown on our comparison tool.

It could be that you pay much less than what our website shows but if your contract is about to expire that means your rate is about to also.

Be sure to check with your Midland provider and get an updated price on what they can offer you and use this to compare with the rates found on our tool.

If you are a commercial business in Midland our process is much more detailed. We put your electric usage, estimated, or historical through a reverse auction and get a dozen or more providers to bid on your account.

We send your usage through this auction a couple of times to bring down the rate and what happens is that you end up with a much cheaper commercial electric price than you could achieve on your own.

This is our process for residential and commercial customers but you may still have questions. Please all us or email using the contact page and be sure to try out our compare widget at the top right of this page.



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