pasadenaPasadena is the 17th largest city in Texas and was established in 1893. Its population is about 145,000. Like other cities and towns located in the Houston area, its only electric provider was once Centerpoint Energy, but now there are several options available allowing you to narrow in a much cheaper electricity rate.

The quickest way to go about your shopping process is to use a comparison website like this that compares several electric companies and their rates and displays them for easy shopping.

I tell my friends and family to go with a fixed rate because the prices stays the same for the length of the contract. With a variable price the rate jumps on you after the first month and sometimes sooner.

In both cases whether you go with a short term price or a fixed rate you want to put a reminder in on your phone around the time your rate expires.

The provider may or may not remind you about your contract expiration. If your a commercial customer we are always good about calling each customer when their contract gets close to expiration.

Residential customers often get hit with a jump in price on contract expiration and so that little beep coming from your phone can make all the difference in keeping your energy cost down each year.

Consider that you are billed 30 – 45 days out and so by the time you let a contract expire and roll over to a variable price you could be paying $100 or more that month.

We strive to be the energy consulting company that makes everything transparent and educational throughout the shopping and ordering process.

At the end of the process you should know everything you need to narrow in on the cheapest electric rate out there.

In summary, you may be a re-locator or a friend of mine that has lived in Pasadena for years working in one of the refineries. Regardless of whether you need to move-in to a new place for the first time or are simply shopping and switching to a cheaper provider you will find this website helpful in saving you money.



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