Stream Energy and Ignite Energy, What’s the Difference?

Stream Energy is the corporate brand of Ignite Energy. Ignite is the direct sells MLM company that sells Texas electric service through a large work from home opportunity sales force. These independent reps sell Stream Energy but under the brand Ignite Energy. By Stream seperating the two companies they remain viable if the MLM company eventually goes out of business like what happened when Excel Telecommunications went out of business.

The Plague That Attacks Many MLM Work From Home Opportunities

Up until the very end the sales work force at Excel Telecom work from home opportunity assumed that things were moving along great and that the company was in no trouble at all. Very quickly it became known that the work from home sales force would need to start looking for something else to do. Just as fast as an MLM opportunity can rise to success it can just as easily faulter and fall to the ground. Stream Energy however is the traditional electric company and is not a work from home opportunity. Ignite Energy is the company Stream uses for their work from home opportunity and anyone wanting to sell Stream Energy has to sign up as a sales rep for the company. The franchise fee is around $400 and allows a rep to sell Texas electric service to family, friends and total strangers. Many of Ignite’s leaders and corporate management came from Excel.

Stream Energy’s Electric Rate Choices and Rates

Stream Energy offers fixed electric rates as well as variable electricity prices. Depending on your situation you may find that a fixed electric rate allows you to lock in your rate for the entire year. Most people like the ability to maintain the same price all year long so they can manage their costs. Some energy providers offer an averaged billing choice as well although we recommend staying away from electric companies that offer averaged billing as there is no way to determine what the actual electric rate is your paying. By being on average billing the electric company could very easily charge you more than you agreed to and you would have no way to figure this out.

Comparing Stream Energy to Other Texas Electric Providers

When comparing Stream Energy with other Texas electricity companies you will find as of 2009 that Stream Energy offers competitive electricity rates next to some of the discount electric rates out there. Stream Energy is not the cheapest Texas electric company but they are one of the cheapest. To compare Cheap Texas electric companies next to Stream Energy we recommend taking a look at the comparison chart at the beginning of this article. You can compare Stream Energy with the leading cheapest residential electric companies in Texas.

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  1. Eddie acosta


  2. Frances Muckelroy

    The franchise fee is not $400, it is $329 for Ignite.

  3. John R. Wright

    I have spoken with stream energy reps three times trying to get them to send me a paper bill. The first two times the reps told me it would be taken care of, didn't happen. The third rep said I had to change my information on line, can't get in to do so. The third reps English was so bad I could barely understand him. Can't you people hire first language English speakers? I am very upset with the run around fron Stream and will cancel my account as soon as I can.

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