Ambit Energy Company Profile

Ambit Energy has a low deposit requirement for those with less then perfect credit but if you are looking for the Texas electricity company with the best option for completely avoiding a deposit or atleast a low deposit for Texas electricity service then hands down we recommend Ambit as well. If you have a smart meter Ambit can likely get you on a prepaid no deposit plan. Learn more by clicking here

Ambit Energy is an alternative marketer of electricity in Texas primarily selling electricity through an independent distributor network of people. Their viral marketing technique utilizes a multi-level marketing strategy which spreads by word of mouth through family and friends and weekly meetings generally held in hotel conference rooms and independent representative’s homes. Deregulation in Texas allows energy customers to purchase their electricity through multiple providers. In the past there was only one electric company and absolutely no choice to choose an alternate electric provider. Ambit Energy consultants are compensated on a referral basis as they sign up new company sales recruiters and electric customers.

Many people are attracted to the multi-level marketing approach of a work from home business like Ambit Energy. Although we are not an advocator of MLM type of businesses we do believe Ambit Energy is a good Texas electricity company and offers cheap and diverse fixed electric rate plans, green energy plans, and variable short term rates. We think Ambit Energy’s affiliate program is a better fit for many people who would like to make extra money selling Ambit but are not into the MLM business model.

Compensation Plan: MLM Referral Commission

Owners and/or Executives
Jere W. Thompson, Jr., CEO
Chris Chambless, Chief Marketing Officer
Jim Timmer, CFO

Jere W Thompson / Co-Founder and CEO
Chris Chambless / Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Jim Timmer / CFO
John Burke / Chief Information Officer
Jim McFelea / Senior VP of Operations

Choosing a Houston Electric Utility Company in Texas

How to pick a Houston electric utility

You may use the comparison chart on the left to compare several Houston electricity compainies. We pride ourselves in going a few steps further than some Texas electricity providers by disclosing every charge in the advertised electric rate and averaging those charges together so you no exactly what you will be paying. We offer no tricks or gimmicks just a clear easy to understand comparison. You will need to enter your zip code in the box to the left to get started.

Picking a Houston Retail Electric Provider

Texas Retail electric providers must be certified by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. There are several energy providers in Houston Texas but only a few offer truly competitive rates. There are literally about 200 different electricity rate plans out there but your best bet is to stay on a fixed electricity rate for a term of atleast 12 months.

Learn more about the deregulation of electricity in Texas, shop electricity rates and compare offers from Houston electricity providers by visitng Power to Choose.

Follow these instructions, and save money buy picking a cheaper provider:

  1. Go to the Texas government website
  2. Compare the Offers on the site
  3. Put your zipcode in the Zipcode box
  4. Verify the quoted electricity rate by reading the facts label carefully.
  5. If you are still uncertain there are a couple we know of that offer a low electricity rate and the best way to find out is to use our compare chart at the top right.

Spark Energy Promotional Code

Promo Code with Spark Energy

Spark Energy is currently not offering a promotional code for their electric rate. We have provided an alternative discount electric provider rate to the left. Simply type in your zip code and click on the “compare” button to the left and you will be taken to a discount electric rate page for Champion Energy, Startex Power, and several other providers, where you can check for rates in your area. It doesn’t matter if you live in Houston, the North Texas area the Dallas area or other location. As long as you live in a deregulated area and you type in your correct zip code the electric rate will apply.

Last year Spark Energy and Startex Power were offering a 12 month electric rate at this time for around 11.1 cents kWh. On Sept 5 2008 Spark’s 12 month electricity rate was 12.55 cents kwh in the Dallas Fort Worth area and 13.65 cents kWh for 12 months fixed in the Houston area. Depending on what the market has done since this update their rates could be higher or lower then this. This is only a sampling of their rates for Sept 2008. In comparison to Spark Energy we recommend checking Startex Power’s updated discounted rates. We have a discount link to their webpage here: Startex Energy Discount Rate. The rate does not have a monthly customer service charge and it is not dependent on how much energy you use in a month. The rate will not change the entire term of the contract. The 12 month term offers the best electric rate as it will lock you in for the summer months which can sometimes be higher if you come off contract before that time. You may sign up online with Spark Energy at this site and the promo code is already built into the link so there is no need to worry about typing it in.

Back in May 29 2008 the Texas residential electric market was close to a 3 year high. Rates look much better now as of Sept 5 2008 but are sitting at support floor and look like they may bounce back up in the next week or two. If you would like another low cost provider to compare with Spark you may check out Bounce Energy and see how their rate compares with Spark Energy. You can sign up on Bounce’s no deposit or low deposit electric rate here: Bounce No and or Low Deposit Residential Electric Service If you have bad credit or no credit I recommend choosing Bounce’s cheapest Plan and have them attempt to pass you at a low deposit requirement. If you have good credit I would go with their “Super Saver Plan”. Learn more

Spark Energy Promotional Code

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