Brownsville Texas Electric Rates

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Why are Rates Higher in my City Compared to Other Cities?

If you live in Brownsville Texas you may have noticed that in your city the electric rates are a little higher then they are in other cities across the state. The reason Brownsville electric rates are higher across the board in this city is because of line loss and congestion issues on the poles and wires. No matter what electric company you pick you will notice their rate is a little higher in your city then they are advertising in Dallas, Laredo, and several other cities. The pass through portion of your rate that the monopoly pole and wires company puts on the rate is what makes the price a little higher. If you are a residential customer your pass through charges are fixed and are bundled into the rate you are being quoted. This is a good thing as commercial businesses have varying pass through charges that are many times much higher then what Texas residential electric customers pay.

What is the best electric rate going in my city of Brownsville Texas?

If you are a residential customer in Brownsville Texas you will find the best priced electric company on the top left of this page in a gold box that shows the rate. These are Houston and North Texas rates so your rate may be a little higher then these because of your location in the state. Click on the links on the top left and receive a discount fixed rate offer with the best priced residential electric company for this month. You can lock in usually for a 12 month period and sometimes longer. A letter will be sent out by the provider a month before your contract is up to remind you to renew. You can renew at that time or come back to this site to go shopping again. We keep this page updated with the best electric rate going in Brownsville Texas.

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