Electricity Could Be Harvested From CO2 Gas Some Day

hooverThere is a new study to suggest the possibility of electricity being harvested out of CO2 emissions that come out of most power plants without generating anymore CO2.

If this harvesting procedure is not too costly over alternatives, well it sure makes a lot more sense than taxing everyone for a gas that is as harmless as something that naturally makes a plant grow larger and more fruitful.

They say the idea is right out of a trash to treasure children’s story book and sounds as simple as it really is. The raw material of CO2 that comes out of smokestacks is captured and used to make electricity.

Bert Hamelers, PhD. and his associates have found that there is about 12 billion tons of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere from coal, oil, and natural gas burning at power stations.

Another 11 billion tons of the stuff happens just from people using these fossil fuels to heat their homes and businesses.

Only about 10 % of smokestack gas is CO2 while the remainder is water vapor. Hameler has come up with idea set on doing something innovative with the CO2 rather than simply regulating these power plants out of existence.

Through a reaction of CO2 with water and a few other liquids the gas could eventually create a flow of electrons when it goes through the technology in the method they have created.

This invention could produce around 1,500 billion kilowatts of added electricity generation annually if used for harvesting CO2 from electric power stations, homes, and businesses.

This huge electricity generation project would create around 375 times the generation you get out of the Hoover Dam annually.

The great bonus to all of this is no CO2 is created in the process of generating additional electricity but the downside yet to be discussed is how much it would cost to generate electricity using this method.

If for instance, it costs 20 cents per kilowatt hour to generate this electricity than what would be the point. I am very interested to see if this can be feasibly done because if so we may be on to something here.

Some of us believe CO2 emissions are harmless as I do and some believe it is causing a man-made global warming crisis but both sides would be happy to see CO2 that many consider garbage gas to be used to actually make money instead of taxing everything to death.

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