Carrollton Texas Electric Companies

Affordable Texas Electric Rates In Carrollton

When shopping for an affordable Texas electric rate you want to find a Carrollton Texas electric provider that will give you standard electric rate terms without any unethical tweaking of certain regulated charges. Some energy providers in Carrollton have been known to increase the pass through TDSP charges. TDSP pole charges in Carrollton are normally past through on an electric bill on a 1 to 1 basis from Oncor electric delivery with no markup. Some providers will add an additional retail margin to the TDSP charges so that the “energy only” rate they quote you on the phone sounds better. Don’t agree to anything until you read the energy contract and verify there is no funny business like this going on. Some of the electric providers that have been known to inflate the Carrollton Texas TDSP charges have stopped doing this but there are still a few out there doing it from time to time. If you have an electric bill that you question, feel free to fax it to Electricity Bid and we can do a quick bill audit. Our fax number is : 903-484-9222.

For Commercial Businesses In Carrollton Texas

If you are a commercial business in Carrollton Texas you will be most in danger of a tricky energy contract with hidden legal jargen. If you are a residential customer looking for a low cost Carrollton Texas residential electric rates then then you will want to look out for monthly term variable rates. A variable electric rate should not require that you sign a monthly term contract. If an electric company in Carrollton is asking that you sign a monthly term contract to be on a variable energy rate you should look elsewhere. Most electric providers in Carrollton will allow you on a competitive variable energy rate without the need to sign a contract. Texas Power and Startex Power are a couple electric companies that will let you into a variable electric rate without the need to lock into a term contract.

Fixed Electric Rates

If you need a good fixed residential electric rate contract in Carrollton Texas I would recommend getting on a 6 month contract while electric rates are at their historical highs right now. Startex Power offers a competitive 6 month rate. I will say that Champion Energy still has maintained their low 12 month fixed rate contract in the face of rising electric prices although Startex has the cheapest electric rate. You can sign up on their 12 month promotional rate here: Startex Energy

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