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Champion Energy

Champion Energy’s promotional code is built into the links below. Sign up with the cheapest electric provider below. Champion, Startex Power, Texas Power, and all the providers in the comparison chart are strong reputable electric providers without hidden fees and charges. These electricity companies have several fixed electricity prices and choices. Click on the “continue” link below to check rates in your area for your preferred electric provider. If you live outside Dallas or Houston or a different area you just need to enter your zip code for your area and click on the “compare” button. Once you click on the “compare” button a list of companies and rates will appear in the order of cheapest to most expensive. We explain all fees and charges so it will be clear what you are signing up for. Electricity prices based on your area will display and you can make a quick comparison from there.

Champion Energy offers a low cost residential electric rate in Houston Texas that is quite a bit lower then most of the other Retail Energy Providers out there. They have only one term to choose from at 12 months but for those wondering about signing up for a longer term it is like buying insurance in case energy rates were to go up. Rates are fairly low right now (As of the posting of this article on January 2007) so you can lock in for 12 months and forget about what rates will do until next year. The rate Champion is offering (as of Jan 2007, when this article was written) is at 11.1 cents a kWh with a $4.95 monthly service fee (champion electric rates may be higher or lower then this now depending on what the market has done since the posting of this). If you are like most households you can add in the $4.95 monthly fee and the rate is still at about 11.3 cents a kWh (as of Jan 2007) total which if you were to look around is one of the lowest 12 month terms I have been able to find out there. We have the current Champion Energy electric rate listed in the blue box above. Click on the box above to sign up with Champion.

Cheapest Electric Provider in Houston

Champion Energy is one of the cheapest electric provider in Houston for the 12 month term I have found. The only other provider that has been cheaper then Champion is with Startex Power. If you would like to sign up with them you can sign up here with this promotional code link. The promo coupon code is built into the link so you will not have to worry about entering it into the coupon code field.

Coupon Code With Champion Electric Company

The coupon code with Champion Energy has expired. You can sign up with Startex Power which is currently the cheapest electric provider.

Sign up with Startex Power

or click here to continue and learn more

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Champion Energy

Champion Energy is a large wholesale energy provider and operates primarily in the commercial sales arena. There are several smaller Retail Electric Providers who buy their energy from Champion and resell it under an alternate name. Champion Energy consistently provides competitive pricing to commercial businesses in Texas although with any electric company certain risk management policy changes can make their prices more or less competitive throughout the year.

For large commercial accounts there is usually the option to have a blend of multiple energy products to bring down the overall cost of the energy you will be paying for throughout the year. Champion Energy can assist in procuring your energy using both MCPE index pricing along with a fixed price product at the right percentage to benefit you the most based on market conditions. Eisenbach Consulting can assist in managing the risk and converting over part of a blended product when opportunities arise in the market to lock in more of the rate to a fixed energy product.

You can learn more about Texas Electric Companies and Choices by speaking to an energy consultant at Eisenbach Consulting.


Ambit Energy’s Variable Rate Plan

Ambit Energy Lone Star Fixed Rate Plan

Today I checked with Ambit Energy on what their electric rate is for the Lone Star Fixed Rate plan. They explained that as long as you use 501 – 1000 kWh you will pay 10.99 cents kWh for 12 months. Basically you will pay 11 cents kWh for a 12 month term. They will only waive the $9.99 monthly customer service charge if you use 1000 kWh of electric usage or more. Let’s say you use 900 kWh of electric usage a month. This means the $9.99 charge a month would equal .0111 cents a kWh. So if you are quoted 10.99 cents a Kwh you can go ahead and add 1.11 to that which gives you a rate of .1210 cents a kWh. This makes their apparent very cheap rate actually over 12 cents a kWh provided you use over 500 kWh a month.

Comparable Electric Rates To Ambit Energy

Spark Energy
6 Months at 11.3 cents a kWh | No Monthly Customer Service Charge
12 months at 12.0 cents a kWh | No Monthly Customer Service Charge

Startex Power
6 Months at 10.8 cents a kWh | No Monthly Customer Service Charge
12 Months at 12.3 cents a kWh | No Monthly Customer Service Charge

Best Rate Winner for November 2007 – Champion Energy

Champion Energy
12 Months at 11.3 cents a kWh | $4.95 Monthly Customer Service Charge
Lowest Electric Rate averaging .1185 cents including the Customer Charge

Should I Go With Ambit’s Variable Electric Rate?

If you call Ambit Energy they will quickly try and get you on their month by month variable electric rate. They make the argument that you are not locked into a contract term so isn’t that great! Basically the idea that you are not locked into a rate is attractive to most people. The problem lies in the fact that an energy company offering a variable electric rate will likely raise the rate gradually over time until you are averaging the same or even higher then a fixed rate. The electric provider is protected in case rates go down but you are not protected either way. The electric company could charge you the same or higher regardless of what the market is doing. The best thing to find out when being asked to switch to a variable energy rate is what the rate is made up of. Sometimes it will be partially a fixed rate and maybe 15% will follow the natural gas commodities market or perhaps the ERCOT grids MCPE index. If they have something in the energy rate that says they can raise the energy rate for any reason they so desire then I would stay away from it.

Ambit Energy Rate In Houston Texas

Right now the month to month variable rate with Ambit Energy is called the Heart of Texas Month to Month. In the Houston area they are charging 12.99 cents kWh if you use 501 kWh or more in energy each month. If you use 500 kWh or less you will be charged 13.99 cents kWh and after the first month they can change the rate to whatever they want. Be careful with variable energy rates or you may get a bill that has a much higher electric rate then you expected. It’s always best to stay with a fixed electric rate. 6 Month fixed rates are the cheapest right now followed by 12 month electric rates.

A comparable variable rate that provides a disclosure of what the variable rate has done historically is listed below.

Startex Power Variable Rate and the historical rate disclosure.

After the 1st month which is just a promo rate you can track what the next month’s rate will be here on a monthly basis from the link below:

Track Historical Variable Rate With Startex


Texas Commercial Electricity

Texas Commercial Electricity

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Comparing Electricity Rates among the major providers

What we have seen when comparing electricity rates among some of the major electricity players in Texas is that most electricity companies wish to compete but the conservative energy trading policies in place do not always allow for them to lower or match a competing electric providers prices.

Problems a company may face when shopping for electric rates

Let’s make up a scenario, Let’s say John with ACME inc. decides to shop around for the cheapest electric rate. He goes to TXU and asks them to give him their best rates for 12 months, 24 months and 36 month terms. TXU comes back and quotes him some great rates. TXU even offers to give him the possibility of an even lower rate if they can have the option to extend that rate out an additional year if they so choose. John doesn’t bite as that would mean he gets a good rate but he is in no way protected on the down side. If rates go down further he has to maintain his existing rate and do you really think TXU would excercise that option if the rates were to go up?

So John goes over to Reliant energy to see what they can do. They offer competitive electric rates but not good enough to beat TXU. TXU however is requiring a large deposit and Reliant is not requiring this. This makes John a little more inclined to go with Reliant but not until he checks out a few not so familiar electric companies.

Comparing multiple Electric Providers

John calls up Champion Energy, Spark Energy, and Green Mountain Energy company to see what type of deals they have going. Each company lags far behind TXU and Reliant except for one. It looks like Green Mountain Energy is willing to compete and has the energy trading policy that has them pricing near the bottom of the Retail margin available to make a profit. Green Mountain Energy is willing to make a small profit on the sale because they have been told by the customer what TXU is pricing at.

Going back to the best electric bid

John goes back to TXU and asks for better terms regarding the deposit requirement and a better price. Now TXU realizes this customer is beginning to receive some competitive prices. Because John is a facilities manager for a company that uses 10,000,000 kwh of power TXU decides to price below the Retail Margin that they could have made a profit and collect an additional customer at absolutely no profit. The sales manager explains that these large sales are needed prior to a possible merger with another energy company and will look good on paper. They also assure that we may be able to add profit onto the Electric Rate when their term is up next go around.

Energy Risk Management and the likely outcome to working in this box

This is a typical behind the scenes look at what may go on during the process of obtaining a competitive electricity rate. Many times it doesn’t happen like this and the customer is confused as to why their appears to be no competitive fight from provider to provider. The Electric Suppliers are just not able to match prices as a Retail Product Chain could do because the energy market has a Risk Management side to it similar to someone buying stocks for their retirement portfolio. If they were to break their energy trading policy it would be similar to a typical bad investor who puts his money into random stocks only to see the stocks plummet beyond his means. Eventually, not only does the investor not make a profit he is liable for a margin call or mortgage payment on a house. The energy trader is liable to stock holders, the Board of trustees and management. If they were to break policy they could cause serious consequences to the company.

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