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Amigo Energy’s Competitive Electric Rates, Where Did They Go?Amigo Energy Electric Rates

Amigo previously had provided competitive electric rates in the Texas area while targeting the hispanic community as their primary source for new customers. Over the last year Amigo has advertised energy rates that have compared competitively with some of the most competitive retail electric providers in Texas. Amigo Electric Company is headquartered in the Houston Texas area but provides electricity to customers throughout the deregulated cities in Texas.

Research On Their Site

I went out to their site today January 8 2007 and they are offering a 12 month rate at 12.9 in the Dallas area and 13.3 cents kWh in the Houston area. These rates are terrible. The only thing I can think as to why their rates have gone up so much is their success. They have their brand name out there and a lot of word of mouth so they may be signing up customers on brand name recognition only at this point.

Comparing Amigo With Other Electric Companies

A comparable electric rate to Amigo’s energy rate that is much more competitive would be to go through Startex Power if you are in or around the Dallas Texas area and to use Startex Power as well if you are in or around the Houston area. As of January 8 2007 Startex Power offered a 12 month term rate of 11.4 cents a kWh with no monthly customer service charge in the Dallas area and as of Feb 2009 they still offer the most competitive residential electric rate with no monhtly service fee.

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