Dec 2008 Dallas Residential Electric Rates

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The last few months energy has come down quite a bit a long with the stock market, the economy, and consumer confidence. Even our dollar isn’t doing so good but it has started a climb up. Residential electric rates in Dallas have come down some but not as much as some were anticipating. The problem is when fuel prices drop quickly it doesn’t necessrily have the same effect on the conversion over to electricity. There is a cost associated with converting natural gas and coal to electric power. This cost is called a heat factor cost. When natural gas comes down quickly you will usually see the heat factor go up. This makes it a little difficult to anticipate exactly what electric rates will do when fuel and energy comes down. Below is a comparison list of some of the cheapest electric companies in Dallas Texas.

These rates are subject to change as the month progresses but are accurate as of the date this article was written. To see an updated comparison list go to : Dallas Electric Rate Comparison

Dec 2008 Dallas Electric Rate Chart

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