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Dynowatt is Accent Energy’s brand for electricity in Texas. Accent Energy is headquartered in Dublin Ohio and provides electricity in deregulated New York and California as well. Accent provides several different electric rates plans including variable electric rates and fixed energy rates. If you would like to learn more about Dynowatt and their current residential electric rates you may visit Electricity Bid’s historical electric rate page where we compare Dynowatt’s residential electric rate with multiple other retail electric provider energy rates in Texas.

Compare Dynowatt Energy with Multiple Texas Electric Companies

You may visit the historical Texas residential electric rate chart to learn more about current Dynowatt Electric company residential electric rates. If you need a commercial energy price with Accent Energy or Dynowatt you may call an energy consultant who can put your commercial businesses electric usage through a competitive reverse energy auction. Electricity Bid will put the top 3 electric companies into a proposal to compare and choose the best price and terms of service. You can speak to an energy consultant with Electricity Bid to learn more.

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Several Customers Have Complained that Dynowatt has Raised their Fixed Rate

We have started to receive a pretty sizable amount of calls, emails and comments about Dynowatt raising their fixed electric rates for their residential electricity customers. Dynowatt offers a variable rate to those who chose it or came off of a fixed rate. The reason their electric rate has risen is because it is a variable rate that very rarely changes unless market volatility causes it to go up. Right now energy is at historical highs which has caused Dynowatt’s rate to rise. If you were a fixed electric rate customer of Dynowatt you may have come off your term contract which happens to be bad timing if you have not locked into a new one because commodity energy prices are at all time highs. Electricity is hedged commodities and nothing like a cell phone contract. If you don’t lock back in to a new term commitment you may pay higher prices if the energy sector is up as it is now (June 19 2008). We are sitting at 3 year historical highs right now. It is not a good time to be on a variable rate for most people in Texas, especially if you are risk adverse.

Dynowatt has a good variable electric rate plan with no long term commitment. The market is just very high right now and so as a variable electric rate customer you take on that risk. Dynowatt has responded to this issue below:

Dynowatt is one of the largest, most established REPs in Texas, serving tens of thousands of customers. It is true that customers have recently experienced rate increases, but this is not exclusive to Dynowatt customers. In fact, every Texan who is on a variable rate plan is impacted regardless of who supplies their electricity.
There are several factors driving up prices: (i) Warmer temperatures early in the season have increased demand and created a shortage of supply; (ii) Texas uses natural gas to generate electricity and the price of natural gas has increased more than 56% since April and; (iii) The current system used in Texas to distribute electricity is not adequate to handle spikes in demand, resulting in a shortage of supply at peak usage times during the day. ERCOT met on this situation as recently as last week, seeking a way to provide some price relief going forward.

Several independent sources, including the U.S. Department of Energy, have predicted that electricity prices will continue to increase. One of the best ways for Texans protect themselves from rate increases is to lock into a fixed rate. Dynowatt, like other suppliers, offers fixed rate plans with terms ranging from 6 months to 2 years. Additionally, Dynowatt offers RateEscape, a free service that allows customers to reset and reduce their fixed rate if electricity prices decrease.

Dynowatt is committed to assisting customers through this current rate spike and is providing information about how to control costs with fixed rate plans, as well as energy saving tips. You can learn more about Dynowatt ™s fixed rate plans at

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