Wall Socket Named Inlet Conserves Energy While Keeping Children Safe

inlet2Have you noticed not much has changed with the electric outlet over the last 50 years. The appearance and it’s function has remained basically the same.

The company known as LivingPlus has created a product called INLET and is trying to change this outdated outlet problem.

The INLET promises to change the look and efficiency of the outlet as well as make it safer for children.

This product can be put in a normal duplex unit and offers a high capacity 2.1v USB charger and 3 tamper proof outlets.

Instead of plugging into old power technology that wastes energy this company wants you to use the INLET because it’s awesome looking, it’s safe, and it saves you money on electricity.

The average US home has 75 outlets and they are unsightly little things that pose a danger to your children and leak out electricity when unused appliances are left plugged in.

Did you know approximately 2,400 children receive hospital care every year for electrical injury from inserting an object in an outlet?

One big problem with old outlets are the phantom loads that get wasted and end up as a dollar amount on your monthly electric bill. People routinely leave appliances they are not using plugged in that allows these loads to leak out. The INLET solves this money wasting dilemma.

The old duplex outlet fails to address the needs of modern day uses of the outlet and we think it’s worth checking out.

The INLET promises to continue to get smarter while maintaining a pleasing look. Smart applications will be one of the prominent features of the product so consider that home automation and home power management via a smart phone will be a likely addition.

This summer 2013 the INLET will hit the market and promises to beautify the living environment, increase child safety, and manage energy all the while increasing the wall outlets utility.

The INLET can be used to power old and new technology and offers an unplug button. Simply by turning off the button you turn off the possibility of wasted energy via phantom loads.

Although not the most important feature, the unit is made so that it can run flush with the wall giving it a nice aesthetic feel. The look of the outlet was made to give it a modern 2013 look instead of the current antiquated 1913 look.

You can read more about this device here: LivingPlug

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