What Small Appliances Are Biggest Electricity Suckers?

frameThe Digital Picture Frame

Not my tiny little digital picture frame with my pet dog Midge-mut posing in different baby dog clothing. Yes, your digital picture frame left on all day that constantly brings up new images of your dog wearing uncomfortable dog outfits probably needs to go if you want to save on energy.

Some of the smallest appliances in your house are surprisingly some of the biggest electricity demanders.

The Coffee Maker

You will discover that even your trusty coffee maker runs on anywhere from 900 – 1200 watts. The average house will use at the most about 15 kilowatts during a very high demand time.

During low demand times in the day a home runs at around 1.5 to 3 kilowatts per household. Consider that your coffee maker demands about as much electricity as the average allocated demand a utility delivers to each house.

Keep in mind kilowatts and watts is talking about the demand for energy at any given period not time frame of electricity used which would be referred to as kilowatt hours.

Do you have a coffee maker? If you are looking for ways to cut your electricity costs maybe consider getting a french press. The coffee tastes richer and you will save on electricity.

Do you have one of those gigantic cable boxes that always seems to be spewing hot air and making weird noises on your TV? That cable box is costing you too.

If you leave these specific appliances on all day and night they start to eat into your wallet. I personally have never thought about these appliances as energy wasters until today but I discovered they are.

The Cable Box and Converter Box

The cable box only demands about 30 watts of electricity at a time which is not a lot of demand but since they are typically left on all year long it really adds up. A cable box or converter box left on while TV is off will use about 275 kilowatt-hours which is about 1/3rd of one of my months electricity usage.

infiniteConsider that if Wal-Mart and Best Buy decided to hand out free digital picture frames to the entire country of America and everyone hung them up in their house at once and had them running all day long it would take about 4.5 electricity power plants to keep them running.

So in summary what can you do to solve these small appliance energy wasting nightmares? These appliances basically allow $200 – $300 of your hard earned entertainment budget money to go up in flames!

We simply recommend plugging them up to a power strip and when not in use hit that power button. There are even programmable timers you can plug the power strip into that will automatically shut these outlets down for you. Look into it and make some extra money.


And for an insightful look at the electricity demand of a new energy efficient light bulb compared to the old style incandescent light bulbs check out this video. Very funny!

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