Record Year Tornado Low for 2013, Extreme Weather Not So Extreme

Some of the global warmists have taken hold of any hurricane or tornado to label as extreme weather in order to keep their alarmism going. The lull in global warming temperatures showing more signs of a global cooling have caused these alarmists to coin a new alarmism term known as “extreme weather”.

I have heard the term “extreme weather” used along side CO2 emission pollution multiple times in the news media and it is simply another way to get people to believe in this made up crisis.

In fact anytime there is a tornado, hurricane, and similar catastrophic weather it always get’s blamed on man-made CO2 emissions.

In the middle of being told by these climate alarmists that global warming is causing an increase in tornadoes a funny thing is happening…..We are actually in the middle of a tornado drought.

The tornadoes in the world are at record low numbers. In America we usually have around 1200 tornadoes a year but in 2013 there are only 716 tornadoes to report of.

tornado map

This map of America shows the tornado disbursement throughout the country:

distributed tornadoes


As of today we are around 200 shy of the number of tornadoes we typically see in the U.S. You will even find that last year was also an insignificant number of tornadoes.



When you observe the historical data of these tornadoes you will see that 2013 is well below the historical minimum which has allowed a new minimum record to be set in the 60 years the tornado database has been in existence.

The peak tornado season is over for the year as it usually happens in the Spring. Considering the springtime warm and cold air mass collisions are all but over for the year in the U.S. there is a very unlikely chance there will be any kind of rebound to get these numbers up for the global alarmists that desperately need something to blame on CO2.


In summary, the CO2 global warming tax on Texas coal and fossil fuel power is a regulation designed to regulate all coal power to oblivion. The carbon credit schemes in legislation are further taxes designed to hit the consumer even harder.

ObamaAir legislation is currently being pushed by the administration and is working it’s way into the real world. We have to fight back against this or we can expect the 300 % increase in electricity prices that Germany has seen compared to the electricity prices we pay now.

In Australia where their government implemented a carbon tax they immediately saw an overnight doubling of their electricity rates. We have ample evidence of just how bad a CO2 tax is for the consumer and it is more than obvious that the global warmists are giving us propaganda and not actual science regarding CO2 emissions and their supposed ability at warming the planet and causing “extreme weather”.

Don’t believe these religious mother earth zealots for a minute…there are many cult like followers who genuinely believe CO2 is destroying the planet but many scientists disagree with this political circus.

Sources: NOAA Storm Prediction Center

2013 is a record low year for U.S. tornadoes

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