Facebook Wants to Be The New Electricity Utility

headsupFacebook believes every decade an invention similar to the invention of the electricity utility comes along.

They believe they are the new electricity utility of this decade. Considering Facebook has been around going on 10 years now many say it has become un-cool.

In reality Facebook might be un-cool to some but it is an essential service to many and some would argue it has created a class of cyborg citizens.

Facebook likes the idea of being un-cool and prefers the concept that their service is now essential to living.

Many people don’t really function without being connected up via Facebook through their smartphone.

The idea of detaching from the social media network is as foreign as if they were to detach from the electric utility.

In 10 more years Facebook could be even that much more connected to each and every one of us through a set of glasses that offers us a heads up view of what is happening with everyone.

If you had peripheral feeds at all times of what your friends and family and network is doing you would be basically a walking cyborg of human/computer network interactivity.

It’s a bit scary to think about but I myself have discovered that at times I seem a little too much a part of that little iPhone I carry around in my pocket.

The phone seems to follow me around wherever I go and I am never more than a few minutes out of touch with what might be going on in my network.

The next logical step seems to be a service as essential to us as the electricity grid that provides us energy on demand.

Social activity on demand seems like a close parallel to this electricity business and I really don’t think I’m too far out in StarTrek land to believe this.

In summary next time you see a car veer into your lane during daylight ask yourself if they are more likely drunk or browsing their phone.

It is only a matter of a few years before everyone has that device that’s in their hand or pocket in a heads up position virtually in front of their faces at all times as they engage in daily life.

The days of permanent connection to the social grid are close at hand people as scary and disturbing as that may seem.


Read more about this topic here: http://techcrunch.com/2013/09/18/facebook-doesnt-want-to-be-cool/


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