Texas Electricity Rate Trend Over the Course of this Year

Electric rates in Texas are close in price among most electric providers regardless of the energy company you choose when comparing fixed electric rates. There however is enough difference in electric price in Texas for consumers to want to switch electric companies to save money. This year we saw electric rates go way up in the summer. Rates were actually at an all time high this summer. The trend line below is actually a natural gas graph. Since there is a 90 percent correlation with this energy commodity and electric prices in Texas we are using it to show you what electric rates have done over the year. If you were on a variable rate with a company like Texas Power, Startex or Dynowatt you may have seen your rate go way up this summer for a few months and assumed the electric company was taking advantage of you. The truth is that prices spiked to a historical level and these energy companies simply past this on to their customers who agreed to be on a variable electric rate. A variable electric rate in Texas is not something to get on if you are at all risk averse. You can also look at the graph below to determine when a good time would have been to lock into a fixed electric contract. Pay attention to support floors that have been created. When the line chart has hit the same level more then once you are looking at a support where rates could bounce off of again. The 7 cents range is a good example of this support floor as it is referred to in technical trading. Remember to add about 4 cents to get an approximate residential rate in Texas. As of the writing of this article, September 9 2008 it is recommended to lock in to atleast a 12 month contract as we are looking at a possible third bounce off this floor. If prices bounce off this floor again it could be months before rates come back down to this level.

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Electric Rate Trend Graph

Years trend of texas electricity rates 2008

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