Could You Believe Graphene is 100 Times Stronger Than Steel and Conducts Electricity better Than Copper?

Graphene is the name of a new substance with a lot of potential that is composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, extracted from graphite, with bewildering properties. They also refer to this substance as, 2D atomic crystals. These crystals can be understood as individual atomic planes “pulled out” of bulk, 3D crystals. We are talking about something that is stronger than a diamond, more conductive than copper and more flexible than rubber.

This might be even better than Professor Philip Brainard’s Flubber, it’s truly a carbon wonderland! I only hope we have some not so absent minded professors to hop on the band wagon with companies like Samsung. Samsung has over 400 patents that utilize this new substance and in total the world is approaching over 7,000 new patents for Graphene.

You may one day see this new substance in power lines, all throughout car electronics, cellular technology, and many other products.

The big hub bub is that it is now being touted as a possible replacement of silicon in electronics, solar panels, and many other applications.

graphene-electronicsWith only 1 % of Graphene mixed into plastics you could make plastic conductive. Because it is so thin you could even create a paint that could act as a form of electronic ink.

This substance could dramatically improve the performance of such things as batteries, solar panels, TV’s, touch screens, and even the inner workings of most modern day electronics.

At this point it seems like we are talking about an extraordinary flubber like material in that it could dramatically change many things we use on this planet.

.In the future you might see an entire integrated circuit formed from a single graphene sheet. Companies may one day be able to manufacture individual transistors substantially less than 10 nanometers across and maybe as small as a single benzene ring.

In summary, I hope the scientists studying this find a way to manufacture this substance cheaply and offer a fast track to improving technology using it.

Right now a micro-mechanically cleaved graphene crystallite tinier than the thickness of a
human hair can cost more than $1,000.

You can learn more about it here

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