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Compare Houston Electricity Providers

It isn’t always enough to compare all Houston electricity providers to find the cheapest electricity price. Some of Houston’s energy providers actually have additional hidden fees and charges that are not made known to the energy consumer in the initial advertisement. We have even tested out some of these Houston electricity rates and providers by calling the number on their ad and asking about the Houston electricity rate they have displayed on a Google ad, billboard, or newspaper ad. The chart below includes all fees and charges with the cheapest Houston electricity rates and offers. Just pick the plan you want > Click “Get Rates” > Then click “Continue” with the provider you want to sign up with.

Why Don’t Some Electric Companies Disclose TDSP Charges

About 9 out of 10 times we found that the Houston energy provider in question would not disclose the additional charges when speaking with them on the phone. Only after getting to the end of the sales pitch and asking specifically what additional charges will I have to pay were we sometimes told that there would be an additional 4 cents per kWh added onto the electric rate due to TDSP pass through charges. The provider would go on to say that these are not their charges and they are only passing them through from the pole and wires company but this doesn’t answer the problem.

Bundled Charges Shows Total Electric Rate

Most Houston residential electric providers bundle these TDSP charges into their advertised rate. The customer knows exactly what their total electric rate looks like. If that isn’t enough most electricity providers will also disclose exactly what their monthly service fee is as well (if they have one).

A Good Comparison Chart Will Show You What You Need to Know

So picking the very cheapest will usually put you in a too good to be true electric service rate because there is probably a reason they are several cents cheaper than all the other providers. Picking a Houston electricity company that is cheap and lays out the different charges next to other energy companies gives you an apples to apples comparison. A Houston electricity rate comparison lets you sign up with the Houston electric company with some confidence. Knowing that you are with a quality energy service company that also offers a cheap electric rate is the way to go. We have provided a comparison chart above that lists all fees and charges. We have outlined these different companies and their fees next to each other so that you can choose an electric rate with confidence.

Reliant Energy Electric Rates Just Don’t Compare With Cheaper Providers

If you compare these electricity rates with what Reliant Energy is offering you will find that Reliant Energy Rates are a few cents higher than the cheapest electric company in our comparison. Reliant Energy Houston is a good company but they are no where near the cheapest energy provider in Houston. We encourage you to pick an electricity company in the chart above that is more in line with where market energy prices are instead of going with a brand name that charges you a little extra because you recognize the name.

TXU Energy Rates

Compare TXU Energy Rates

If you have been needing to compare and shop for a cheaper Texas electric provider but just have not had the time we would like to encourage you to do so.

Texas electric rates during the summer of 2010 and 2011 have been around 8 – 9 cents per kWh on average when looking at the cheapest providers. During the summer of 2008 a cheap rate would have been 16 cents a kWh. As of October 2011 you can sign up for a cheap electric rate in the Dallas area at around 8.3 cents a kWh for 12 months fixed. In Houston the rate is closer to 9.3 cents a kWh for a 1 year fixed rate. If your TXU Energy rates are becoming unbearably high then we recommend switching to a cheaper electric company. We only recommend that you come off of your TXU Energy rate if you are currently off contract with them. We never recommend that you break a current contract that has not expired yet. The historical utility area of TXU is the Dallas area but they now operate in Houston as well. If you live in a different area you may enter that cities zipcode and click on the button to bring up custom price comparisons for your location.

Going From TXU to Reliant Energy

If you have considered switching off of TXU Energy and onto a new electric provider that you have heard advertise on the radio than please read this. Reliant Energy rates are currently being advertised (back in May of 2009) on billboards and on radio saying that they are now lowering their electric rates by “up to %10”. Unfortunately this means that you would still have to pay Reliant Energy around 13 – 14 cents a kWh when there are several energy providers offering residential electric rates in the 9 – 10 cents per kWh range for a 1 year fixed rate (as of May 2009). Don’t be fooled by a clever marketing campaign. Reliant Energy radio ads have their coworkers on the ads explaining that they love being able to help people but in reality paying an inflated price for electricity service is not really a help in this current economy. There are several reputable electric companies in Texas that offer much cheaper electricity service than Reliant and TXU Energy rates. We have a comparison tool of electric companies that beat both Reliant Energy rates and TXU Electric rates that we would be happy for you to try for yourself and see if in fact there are savings.

Comparison Chart Shows All Fees and Charges in Energy Rate

We encourage you to browse through the 1 year, 2 year, and 3 year fixed electric rate terms and pick the rate and monthly term that suits you best. The chart tool above has all fees and charges disclosed so you know exactly what you are signing up for. We want you to have no surprises when signing up for electric service as some providers we do not have on the chart do not disclose all charges in their rate. We do not work with Texas electricity companies that hide certain fees and charges that most electric companies will disclose in plain English.

Other Energy Providers and Rates

Spark Energy

Amigo Energy

Champion Energy

Stream Energy

April 2009 Houston Electricity Rates

We have compiled a list of some of the best and worst residential electricity rates in the Houston Texas area. You will find this detailed list below. The best Houston electric rate at this time is with Champion Energy. Reliant Energy and TXU Energy again remain at near the bottom of this list. Trickster Electric Company is near the top although we have received several complaints that Trickster raises the electric rate through TDSP related charges once the customer gets the electricity bill. Because of this we want to warn customers about the potential of Trickster’s (name withheld by legal) electric rate being higher then what it appears. If you are one of Trickster’s customers that thought you were going to be charged one rate but once you received the energy bill were charged a much higher energy price then please feel free to comment below. Read below from one of our readers and a customer of Trickster (name withheld by legal):

Stay away!! 9.7 cent plan kept going up 13,14 and finally to 16 cents!!! Ridiculous!!

Trickster Energy (name withheld by legal) is a rip off. SIgn up for .12 kilowatt, but have been billed up to .17/kw. Also the customer service is horrible. Stay away !!

If TXU Energy or Reliant Energy called asking you to renew at an electric rate several cents higher then where the market is currently at we recommend checking out our recommended Houston electric providers on the top left of this page. All fees and charges are disclosed.

Houston Electricity Rates

High Electric Rates In Houston

Houston has some of the highest electric rates in the state of Texas. The reason for the higher energy rates has to do with the bottleneck and congestion in this metropolitan area. The city just requires a whole lot of energy to keep the place running. The problem is that outlying cities that don’t use as much electricity have been paying for this congestion that Houston is the culprit of.

How To Solve The Energy Congestion In Houston

The Houston congestion problem affecting other surrounding cities is likely going to be a thing of the past when the Texas nodal system comes into affect. The nodal system will allow Texas cities that surround the city of Houston to pay for their own bottleneck problems which will likely be much less congested then the city of Houston. This will allow the cities in Harris County to pay less then the city of Houston for their electricity rate. Very simply, Houston will pay a higher rate for being more congested and other cities in Harris County will no longer be penalized for something that is Houston’s problem.

Need To Find Houston Electric Rates To Compare?

If you happened upon this page looking for what the going Houston Electric rate is at then we have provided both a commercial electric rate comparison chart below as well as some low cost residential providers in the Houston area. You can bookmark this page as we keep the rates updated on a monthly basis and come back to see what rates have done on the next month.

You may call and speak to one of our energy consultants to learn more about available electricity choices in Houston by calling 1-800-971-4020

You may email us with your business or residential information by clicking on this link to go to our contact page. The chart to the right is our commercial electricity rate chart. To compare residential electric rates in Houston please click here.

For a low cost residential electric provider I would go with Spark Energy for now. They have a low cost electric rate with no monthly customer service charge. As of October 17 2007 their rate is 11 cents kWh for 12 months with NO monthly customer service charge.

Spark Energy – The Spark energy promo code is now expired.

If you do not want to be locked into a contract then you might want to check out Startex Power. They have a really good variable rate that follows the commodities market. The rate is low the first month and then follows natural gas there after. You can manage the rate by watching what it will be each month on a page Startex has setup so you are never suprised as to what the rate will be the following month.

Startex Power – Sign up Online
Manage Variable Rate

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