What Are Electric Rates Doing In The New Year?

Electric Rates Dropped All Year And Now Are Heading Up

Electric Rates were down at their 12 month historical low until today. Commercial electric rates for a 12 month term were sitting at 7.9 cents a kWh and have been bouncing off of this support level the last 3 weeks until today when rates came up to 8.4 cents. There is a pretty good chance that electric rates are going to begin to start heading back up even further. If you are a commercial business or residential customer trying to decide what to do this year regarding your electricity bill I would recommend as an energy consultant to go ahead and lock in for a long term such as for 12 or 24 months. Electric rates have a high likelyhood of coming back up as high as 10 cents a kWh during year 2008. With electric rates in Texas being directly effected by natural gas prices we have an added variable besides just a technical chart. Today we saw a dramatic rise in natural gas futures which caused electric rates to come up significantly higher. February natural gas futures advanced 26.7 cents to $7.75 per 1,000 cubic feet Wednesday Jan 2 2008. The added demand of heating your home with NG in the winter along with power plants using NG to create electricity there will be enough added demand to cause electric rates to start coming up.

Who We recommend For Your Best Priced Electric Rate

Right now if you live in Dallas Texas and need residential electricity service you will find several great fixed rate terms with Startex Power.

If you live in Houston Texas we recommend signing up with Startex Power at their promotional sign up page. Sign Up With Startex Power Residential Electric Service.

If you are a commercial business Eisenbach Consulting can assist in providing energy consultation in order to bid down the electric rate from the top competing retail electric providers as well as offer the best possible electric products, terms and conditions to fit your energy needs.

If you have any questions about commercial or residential electricity rates in Texas please call us at 1-800-971-4020

Trying To Find The Coupon Code For Spark Energy

Spark Energy offers several different electric rate terms for those who wish to sign up anywhere from 1 month up to 36 months for their residential electricity. Right now Spark has decent electric rates in Houston Texas while Startex Power still beats them in the Dallas area and Houston. If you would like to see a cheaper electricity rate then what Spark Energy has to offer even after entering the coupon code in their code field then there is a page where we have listed this information. You can find the discount rate with Startex Power below:

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Spark Energy promotion code

If you would like to compare Spark Energy with another electric provider in Texas you could go to Startex Power‘s website and see if they have better electric rates in your area. As of Feb 2009 Startex beats Spark Energy on their residential electric rates. The good thing about both of these Retail Electric Provider’s is that they do not charge a monthly customer service charge which could otherwise offset the low cost electric rate. Keep that in mind when shopping around as some of the other electric companies in Texas will have anywhere from a $4.95 – $15.00 monthly customer service charge. If you use a lot of electricity this may not be a problem but for small users it can make a cheap rate not so cheap anymore. So again compare Spark with Startex in your area and see which one is better. Sometimes one will out do the other depending on your homes location.

Startex Power promotion code

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