July 2008 Houston Residential Electric Rates

Heads up on What is Going on in the Market This Month

Right now the market is still close to a 3 year high. We saw electric rates in Texas go up the entire month of June and now in July we still see energy prices rising higher. Most people have noticed in the news of how oil has reached $148 setting an all time historical record. The energy sector is up across the board and Houston electric rates are the highest in the state of Texas. Houston must pipe in their energy from far off causing line losses. The power consumption and demand of Houstonians causes congestion and they just don’t turn on enough power plants in your town to meet peak demand periods. Because of these issues you pay ridiculously high prices. Last year rates were around 10 – 11 cents kWh. If you are now trying to renew an energy contract or lock in again you will be surprised to see Houston electricity rates about 5 – 10 cents higher then last year.

July 2008 Electric Rate Chart

We have Houston, Harris County, Brazoria County, and surrounding Centerpoint Energy utility areas electric rates listed here from best to worst. A 12 month fixed Houston electric rate is recommended as rates are expected to travel back down. Long term contracts are cheaper, however you would be locking in at the top of the market when the expectation is that electric rates will be coming back down before 24 and 36 months. Many of the electric rates in the chart below are discount 12 month fixed electric rates. By clicking on the links below and signing up online you will achieve a slightly better rate then what that company normally advertises.

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