Scientists Create Lithium Ion Battery that Can Charge Electric Car for 27 Years

lihium-ion-batteryScientists at the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research in Baden-Wurttemburg have created the most efficient battery yet all while using your basic lithium-ion technology.

These super li-on batteries may be the next step in our energy future as energy storage is what the electric grid needs in order to insure affordable electricity service during peak demand times.

The batteries are expected to maintain 85 % of their charging capacity even after being used everyday for 27.4 years.

After you charge and discharge this battery 10,000 plus times the car using this battery would still be roadworthy and going strong.

The power density of the battery is 1,100 watts per kilogram which gives you short charging times and fast acceleration.

The ultimate goal would be to use this technology to store energy generated from wind and solar generators. The boon of the solar and wind industry is that they have no affordable way to store the energy for use during peak demand periods.

During peak demand solar and wind must rely upon natural gas and coal generation to provide the needed electricity service for their local areas.

Just having these tied in idle fossil fuel power plants sitting without generating electricity adds significant cost to even using solar and wind.

By having an efficient battery that can store solar and wind to be used at high demand periods may allow for these renewable energy systems to be self contained power plants that can evenly supply power 24/7 for a specified number of households.

These batteries could also be used to store excess energy created from fossil fuel sources for use during peak demand periods.

In summary you typically get an 8-10 year guarantee from EV makers so this is a giant improvement. Also, an energy density of 1,100 Watts per kilogram is 4 times that of most li-lion batteries. This is a remarkable advancement that will have a positive impact on the price of electricity and the price of electric cars. Consider that $45,000 is the average subsidy Tesla gets per car from the US government and we the tax payers are giving that away so that the ultra rich can have a cool play thing.

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