May 2008 Dallas, Fort Worth | North Texas | East Texas Residential Electric Rates

Comparing Electric Rates in Dallas Tx, Fort Worth, North Texas, and much of East Texas.

For those living in the Dallas, Fort Worth, surrounding metroplex, as well as East Texas you will find current May 2008 electric rates in the chart below. Texas electric rates are very volatile and so these rates could be lower or higher as the month of May approaches its end. Each Texas electric provider below has their company linked so you can click on the company to learn more or sign up.

If you would like to see what Texas electric rates have done in the past feel free to browse past electric rates. Historical Texas Residential Electric Rates

Disclaimer regarding Riverway Power Co.

A disclaimer needs to be made about Riverway Power Electric Company. Riverway Power cancelled their Texas electric power customers fixed electric rate contracts around the middle of April and were unable to be reached from their India outsourced call center for awhile due to large call volume associated with the breaking of their fixed energy contracts. This issue was reported to Electricity Bid by several of their prior customers. Because of this it is important to know that they just started business in Texas recently and have already renegged on their residential energy contracts. In our estimation we cannot recommend them at this time due to a less then satisfactory record with Texas consumers.

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