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If you need to compare the cheapest available Pearland electricity rates and providers then you can use the below comparison chart that offers the cheapest available offers below. Simply click on the “Select Plan” box to pick the plan you want to compare and then click on “Get Rates”. Once you are ready just click on “continue” to confirm the Pearland electric rate you want to sign up for.

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Who is the Best Pearland Electric Company?

Shopping for electric rates in Pearland Texas actually isn’t as hard as it first seems. Yes, there are about 40 different retail electric providers in Pearland and about 300 different types of electric plans offered by these Texas Power providers but by using our searchable database you can narrow down who has the best electric rate for your city in no time. A question Electricity Bid often gets asked is in regards to which Pearland and Houston Electric Company is considered the best. This isn’t an easy question because there are many brand new companies that have come into existence in the last year. These new electric providers in Texas are faced with the prospect that many before them have come into Texas only to leave unprofitable. You have to be pretty smart to run a successful Texas retail electric provider. An energy companies billing system, customer service, and back office need to be running smooth or they could begin misbilling their customers. When misbillings occur customers begin to call the customer service desk at that energy company. If the customer service desk is at a Bangalore India call center you may find yourself being given information regarding misbilling that doesn’t help you very much. If the back office and billing issues do not get succesfully handled this can cause the beginning to the ultimate demise of a beginning electric company. Another issue often faced by new Texas energy providers in Pearland Tx and the surrounding Houston Metro area is risk management policies in place with the energy providers trading desks. If the electric company buys their energy and hedges it in a risky way they may become unprofitable after taking into account the cost of running the overall REP. Many energy providers have come in and signed many cheaply priced electric contracts only to close shop when they were not able to make a profit. This scenario leaves all their customers needing to look for another Texas energy provider at potentially higher prices depending on where the market is at.

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Looking Out For Additional Fees in Texas Electric Rates

Finding the best electric company in Pearland Tx requires that you consider whether the company has the potential to be a fly by night company and how cheap their electric rate is. Another consideration is whether they are advertising a cheap price but have additional fees elsewhere in the contract. For the most part the only other additional fees in a residential electric contract would be a monthly customer service charge. Monthly customer service charges can be anywhere from $4.95 – $15.00. You can divide your average kWh you use for the month into the fee and add it to the rate to see what the average electric rate would look like. If you use 1000 kWh a month you can divide $4.95 by 1000. This gives you .00495 as the average additional amount per kWh. If a company is quoting you 11 cents kWh for a fixed rate you could add in the charge like this: .110 + .00495 = .11495 cents kWh. Basically $4.95 would add an additional 1/2 cent to your rate if you only use 1,000 kWh a month. If the fee is $10.00 a month it would raise the advertised rate another cent. Don’t be fooled by the monthly service charges. Calculate it out to see how much it could raise the advertised Texas energy rate.

Is the Cheapest Energy Price Always the Best Choice?

Finding the cheapest commercial or residential electric rate in Pearland Tx is definitely the goal for most consumers and what we recommend. A close 2nd to obtaining the cheapest electric rate is choosing a company that will be in business for awhile. Nobody knows just how long a new Texas electric provider will be around but knowing how long they have been in business gives you somewhere to start. Some new electric providers in Texas recently opening up for business in Pearland Tx are, Mega Power, Riverway Power, Trickster Energy (name withheld by legal), and Affordable Energy. Ambit Energy and Ignite Energy are multi-level marketing energy companies in Texas that market to friends and family. These energy MLM companies come with their own source of problems that come with being a multi-level marketing pyramid operation. Riverway Power outsources their customer service desk in Bangalore India. The other new companies listed are too new to know much about.

Below Is A March 2008 Residential Electric Rate Chart

Here is a chart showing you residential Pearland Tx electric rates from cheapest to highest. Remember that with variable electric rates they follow the market after the first month. Startex Power has the best rate right now and we recommend it as they do a good job with staying in line with market conditions. Startex Power also advertises the last two months of what their month to month rate has been at so they are not hiding anything about this energy rate.

If you need updated electric rates for the Pearland and Houston area you can visit our Texas Historical Electric Rates section.

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