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Electricity Companies in Webster Texas

When picking an electricity company in Webster Texas it has become increasingly important for people to no longer consider price but also check on credit requirements. If you have an exceptional credit score but have been late one time on a utility bill you will now find that many electricity companies in Webster texas will want a very high deposit to turn on electricity service in your name. In the past most people would look for the cheapest electricity price and just go with that. Now that deposits play a larger part in the shopping decision process in picking a Webster Texas electricity company you now want to pick a cheap electricity rate but also a provider who has a less strict deposit policy.

Right now some of the more lenient electricity providers when it comes to asking for a deposit are prepaid or pay-as-you-go electricity companies. The problem with these Webster TX electricity companies is that there are a mass of complaints out there by their customers that they cut your service off if you are late even a few days when paying your electric bill. Of course, not all of these companies are like this by the amount of disgruntled comments we have seen on consumer sites complaining about these no deposit electricity providers we recommend avoiding these guys with a ten foot pole. Another complaint has been in the way the pay-as-you-go electricity companies advertise. They will advertise a fee of $150 to get your electricity service in Webster Turned on but only a couple weeks later will ask for a lot more. Some people have complained that after paying the initial $150 were asked again for $250 – $500 to keep the electricity service turned on. Be sure to question your prepaid electricity provider on whether they will be requiring additional payment in a few weeks after the first amount is paid. If the electricity company will need more money try and find out what the per kWh rate they are charging is. You can multiply a basic average of 1000 kilowatt hours to the rate to get an estimate on what the total monthly bill would look like.

What to Watch Out For With Pay As you Go Electricity Companies

If a pay-as-you-go electricity company is charging 18 cents per kwh and you use 1000 kWh a month then you would be paying $180 a month for your electricity service. It is important to understand what your electricity rate is before agreeing to anything. The best company I have found if you have bad credit or just not that great of credit is with a company by the name of Bounce Energy. They once offered a plan called the “Fresh Start Plan” and would proactively lower your electricity rate to the cheapest plan they offer if you paid your bill on time the first 3 months but this is no longer available. They required $125 upfront but would deduct that from the first months electricity bill. They still have alternative rate plans worth checking out for low income customers. They bill you in a traditional manner which gives you a couple of weeks to look over your bill to pay it. Be sure to ask for the best plan containing a “a Low or No Deposit option” when you call: 1-866-945-8937

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