Houston Electricity Rates Compared With Trustworthy Energy Providers

Compare Houston Electricity Providers

It isn’t always enough to compare all Houston electricity providers to find the cheapest electricity price. Some of Houston’s energy providers actually have additional hidden fees and charges that are not made known to the energy consumer in the initial advertisement. We have even tested out some of these Houston electricity rates and providers by calling the number on their ad and asking about the Houston electricity rate they have displayed on a Google ad, billboard, or newspaper ad. The chart below includes all fees and charges with the cheapest Houston electricity rates and offers. Just pick the plan you want > Click “Get Rates” > Then click “Continue” with the provider you want to sign up with.

Why Don’t Some Electric Companies Disclose TDSP Charges

About 9 out of 10 times we found that the Houston energy provider in question would not disclose the additional charges when speaking with them on the phone. Only after getting to the end of the sales pitch and asking specifically what additional charges will I have to pay were we sometimes told that there would be an additional 4 cents per kWh added onto the electric rate due to TDSP pass through charges. The provider would go on to say that these are not their charges and they are only passing them through from the pole and wires company but this doesn’t answer the problem.

Bundled Charges Shows Total Electric Rate

Most Houston residential electric providers bundle these TDSP charges into their advertised rate. The customer knows exactly what their total electric rate looks like. If that isn’t enough most electricity providers will also disclose exactly what their monthly service fee is as well (if they have one).

A Good Comparison Chart Will Show You What You Need to Know

So picking the very cheapest will usually put you in a too good to be true electric service rate because there is probably a reason they are several cents cheaper than all the other providers. Picking a Houston electricity company that is cheap and lays out the different charges next to other energy companies gives you an apples to apples comparison. A Houston electricity rate comparison lets you sign up with the Houston electric company with some confidence. Knowing that you are with a quality energy service company that also offers a cheap electric rate is the way to go. We have provided a comparison chart above that lists all fees and charges. We have outlined these different companies and their fees next to each other so that you can choose an electric rate with confidence.

Reliant Energy Electric Rates Just Don’t Compare With Cheaper Providers

If you compare these electricity rates with what Reliant Energy is offering you will find that Reliant Energy Rates are a few cents higher than the cheapest electric company in our comparison. Reliant Energy Houston is a good company but they are no where near the cheapest energy provider in Houston. We encourage you to pick an electricity company in the chart above that is more in line with where market energy prices are instead of going with a brand name that charges you a little extra because you recognize the name.

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