Deregulation in Arlington Texas

Electric Competition With Unfamiliar Energy Providers

Arlington Texas is one of many Texas cities that have electric company competition among over 40 Texas electric providers. Most residences are familiar with Reliant and TXU Energy but there are now several more electric providers that have begun to offer Texas electric service throughout the state. If an electric company has registered to become a Retail Electric Provider in Texas the chances are high that they applied to do business in all deregulated areas in the state. You can check to see what areas in Texas are deregulated using our deregulation map found here: Texas Deregulation County Map

Shopping For An Electric Rate

For those shopping for the cheapest electric provider in Arlington Texas you need to be made aware of the charges associated with a Texas electric rate. There are usually 3 components to an electric bill. You have the energy only charge, the TDSP charges, and the taxes. You may know already that the TDSP charges are called by several names. Among the many names you will hear for these are, Transmission and Distribution service provider charges, pole and wire charges, pole charges, wires charges, and pass through charges. The reason they call them pass through charges is because they are supposed to be past through on your electric bill on a 1 to 1 basis from the Arlington Texas pole and wires company with no markup but some electric providers will still add an additional markup which makes their “energy only” rate look better. The TDSP company in Arlington Texas is Oncor Electric Delivery. If you would like to find out what your actual TDSP charges are you can call them and ask them to email the data to your email address. They are open Monday -Friday 8 am-5 pm CST. There number is 1.888.313.6862.

Commercial Electric Rates In Arlington Compared To Residential Rates

When shopping for an electric rate online you may have noticed that commercial rates appear cheaper then residential electric rates. This actually isn’t the case. Commercial rates are quoted as an unbundled rate because the pole charges can be anywhere from 2 cents kWh – 16 kWh. There is such a wide variation in pole charges from business to business that there is no way to bundle the rate before we even know what the TDSP charges you pay are. With Arlington Texas residential electric rates you are quoted a total bundled electric rate that includes the pole charges. Electric companies in Arlington are able to do this because pole charges are generally the same from house to house. On average a house pays about 2 cents a kWh for their pole charges. This is far less then most small to medium sized business pole charges. That is why some businesses in Arlington Texas wish they could be paying residential electric rates but they cannot because they have been classified as commercial. If the business is large enough they will actually pay less then residential electric rates because of the economies of scale involved in such a large purchase of energy.

I Need A Comparison Chart Showing Commercial Electric Rates In Arlington

If you are searching for an easy to understand electric rate comparison showing what price electric rate you might be able to get in Arlington Texas then you might want to check out the Arlington Texas electric rate comparison page. You can check out comparison page here: Arlington Texas Electric Rates The pole charges are not included because they differ drastically from one business to the next. If you would like a refresh on the rates as well as what your TDSP charges and the total bundled rate will look like we will need you to fill out the Texas Commercial Electric Rate Form.

Arlington Texas Residential Electric Rates

If you need a low cost Arlington Texas residential electric rate it is a little more straightforward then being taken out to bid like a commercial account. We have the best residential electric rates in Arlington updated each month on the front page of Electricity Bid as well as the best 12 month rate on the top left hand corner of this page. Right now Startex Power has the best rate and Champion Energy has the 2nd best residential electric rate in Arlington for the 12 month fixed rate term.

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Reliant One Rate Flex Plan nothing special.

Reliant One Rate Flex Plan

The Reliant One Rate Flex plan sounds interesting but what is it really? It comes with a $50 target gift card and there is no term commitment or early termination fee. You pay 13.4 cents kwh for this month to month no commitment rate. Do you really want to pay 1.1 cents more per kwh for a target gift card? There are electric rates as low as 12.3 cents kwh out there for a 12 month commitment. Most residences use on average around 800 kwh a month and 9600 kwh a year. This comes to $101 more a year you are paying Reliant for your $50 Target gift card.

If you like the flexibility of being able to get out of the rate plan without penalty then you will do well to stay on this plan as it is one of the lowest cost no term rates out there. The problem is that a no term rate is never a good idea. It’s like betting on the stock market or driving a car without insurance. You want to lock in on a low cost term rate if at all possible. There are 3 month 4 month 6 month and 12 month short term rate plans out there as a better solution over a no term rate. These shorter term rates are 1 cent kwh cheaper and sometimes more.

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