Simple Power, are they a Good Electric Provider?

According to Simple Power they say the following,

“As our key message is simplicity, we do not bury any cost in our invoices and can confirm that we do not charge “additional charges” nor do we apply any “hidden fees.” Our residential invoicing is simple. Rate x kWh + sales tax. That’s it. Unlike some companies, we do not charge:

1. recurring pass through charges

2. monthly service fees

3. penalties to upgrade plans

4. fees to pay by credit card

5. fees to pay with a CSR or with automated voice response system

6. minimum usage fee”

If you are a Simple power electricity service customer and you feel your electric rate with Simple Electric Company is higher then you remember locking in for then please feel free to fax us your Simple Power electric bill to 903-484-9222. Please provide us with any evidence or information that explains why you feel Simple Electric company is charging you more then they advertised in their sales literature or sales phone call.

These few complaints we have received lead us to believe Simple Power is on the side of the Texas Electricity consumer and is only advertising straight forward all-in electric rates that include all fees.

If Simple Power can explain what may be the cause of the customer confusion please feel free to leave a comment below explaining the rate plan and possible cause of confusion.

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