First Fully Solar Powered Country, Tokelau, a Small Country in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean

I am not one of these people that is sold out on turning the whole world solar because it just does not make economical sense just yet. There have been some truly remarkable breakthroughs that may make the solar concept a much more viable option as they are now becoming cheaper to produce and batteries to store their energy is also heading into break through territory.

Having said this the country of Tokelau now being 100 % solar powered is truly remarkable. This is an entire country completely off the grid, who can beat that! The country is on what is known as an atoll island that sits somewhere in between New Zealand and Hawaii. The New Zealand government administers the country of Tokelau and invested 7 million dollars in the countries solar endeavor. This beautiful country no longer has to rely on extremely dirty diesel generators to generate the electricity they need for their inhabitants.

Here is a truly worthwhile solar project. If you only have diesel generators to rely on for generating your countries electricity you are facing ridiculously high electricity service costs that are roughly 6 times higher prices than what we pay in the U.S. In this situation the country would easily recoup their investment in 100 % solar and would be protecting the fragile island eco-system at the same time.

With diesel generators you not only get dirty energy but that electricity service ain’t cheap either. Consisting of 4,032 photovoltaic panels and 1,344 battery packs with generation devices operating on biofuel derived from coconuts, the $7.5 million Tokelau Sustainable Energy Project is recognized as among the world’s largest off-grid photovoltaic systems.

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