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Spark Energy offers several different electric rate terms for those who wish to sign up anywhere from 1 month up to 36 months for their residential electricity. Right now Spark has decent electric rates in Houston Texas while Startex Power still beats them in the Dallas area and Houston. If you would like to see a cheaper electricity rate then what Spark Energy has to offer even after entering the coupon code in their code field then there is a page where we have listed this information. You can find the discount rate with Startex Power below:

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Spark Energy promotion code

If you would like to compare Spark Energy with another electric provider in Texas you could go to Startex Power‘s website and see if they have better electric rates in your area. As of Feb 2009 Startex beats Spark Energy on their residential electric rates. The good thing about both of these Retail Electric Provider’s is that they do not charge a monthly customer service charge which could otherwise offset the low cost electric rate. Keep that in mind when shopping around as some of the other electric companies in Texas will have anywhere from a $4.95 – $15.00 monthly customer service charge. If you use a lot of electricity this may not be a problem but for small users it can make a cheap rate not so cheap anymore. So again compare Spark with Startex in your area and see which one is better. Sometimes one will out do the other depending on your homes location.

Startex Power promotion code

Spark Energy Promotional Code

Promo Code with Spark Energy

Spark Energy is currently not offering a promotional code for their electric rate. We have provided an alternative discount electric provider rate to the left. Simply type in your zip code and click on the “compare” button to the left and you will be taken to a discount electric rate page for Champion Energy, Startex Power, and several other providers, where you can check for rates in your area. It doesn’t matter if you live in Houston, the North Texas area the Dallas area or other location. As long as you live in a deregulated area and you type in your correct zip code the electric rate will apply.

Last year Spark Energy and Startex Power were offering a 12 month electric rate at this time for around 11.1 cents kWh. On Sept 5 2008 Spark’s 12 month electricity rate was 12.55 cents kwh in the Dallas Fort Worth area and 13.65 cents kWh for 12 months fixed in the Houston area. Depending on what the market has done since this update their rates could be higher or lower then this. This is only a sampling of their rates for Sept 2008. In comparison to Spark Energy we recommend checking Startex Power’s updated discounted rates. We have a discount link to their webpage here: Startex Energy Discount Rate. The rate does not have a monthly customer service charge and it is not dependent on how much energy you use in a month. The rate will not change the entire term of the contract. The 12 month term offers the best electric rate as it will lock you in for the summer months which can sometimes be higher if you come off contract before that time. You may sign up online with Spark Energy at this site and the promo code is already built into the link so there is no need to worry about typing it in.

Back in May 29 2008 the Texas residential electric market was close to a 3 year high. Rates look much better now as of Sept 5 2008 but are sitting at support floor and look like they may bounce back up in the next week or two. If you would like another low cost provider to compare with Spark you may check out Bounce Energy and see how their rate compares with Spark Energy. You can sign up on Bounce’s no deposit or low deposit electric rate here: Bounce No and or Low Deposit Residential Electric Service If you have bad credit or no credit I recommend choosing Bounce’s cheapest Plan and have them attempt to pass you at a low deposit requirement. If you have good credit I would go with their “Super Saver Plan”. Learn more

Spark Energy Promotional Code

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