Spark Energy In Texas

Spark Energy

Spark has provided several different management styles during its history in Texas starting in 2002. They are a new company but are very helpful in that they offer several different electricity pricing options and many terms to choose from. They have recently gotten into the Natural Gas market and sell natural gas in several states. Being in the natural gas market has helped them in becoming better at energy trading and keeping electric prices low. In Texas Natural Gas has a strong correlating relationship with the electricity being sold here. Spark Energy has continued to price under almost all the electric providers in Texas the last few months in comparison with other daily energy price matrixes that are sent out. Occasionally other electric providers will beat them on certain terms but they have done very well in their pricing. There is the possibility that they have an energy trading policy that is too relaxed and this could get them into trouble. This is just speculation and we have no way of knowing this. Even if this were the case it would benefit a Texas business to take advantage of their low energy pricing.

Working With Other Electric Providers In Texas

For larger Texas commercial energy buyers you can often times procure a better electric rate with some of the other energy companies in Texas. What we often times do is place your company into a reverse auction where the electric price is bid down to an acceptable price. If we believe the price to be at a price that is too high to where the market is at we will ask for more competitive bids to be placed as there are several energy providers in the mix. By poking and prodding the energy suppliers to come down we can achieve and procure a rate that is more competitive then what could be obtained strictly on your own.

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