Nueces Electric Power

This is an established electric cooperative. When joining the electric coop you not only get a decent electric rate but you become an owner of the company. The energy company is a not for profit company and serves to offer its customers discount electricity in its service areas. Back in March 2008 we were monitoring Nueces Electric Coop’s rates over the last several months and they had been several cents higher than several other providers. As of Sept 22 2009 their residential electricity rate is 12.5 cents per kWh based on customer feedback we received in the comment section below. Their Co-op program didn’t sound that good in March of 2008 but as of Sept 2009 their rates are considerably better and you become a part owner in your electric company making Nueces Electric Co-op something worth considering. As always we encourage you to compare Nueces with other electricity companies to determine what electricity rate and plan you want to go with.: Residential Electric Rate Comparison

Benefits Of An Electric Coop

Because Nueces Power is owned by its members you get to elect a Board of Directors among yourselves to represent your interests in the business decisions that are made at NEC.

Your home or business will receive Capital Credits during the year as the board has extra profit margin available to disperse to its members. As a co-op, NEC will send their commercial and residential electric customers a notice each year that shows the “capital credits allocation” for the previous year. That means if at the end of the previous year,
NEC had profit margins then those will eventually be paid to their energy customers who received electric service from NEC in the previous year. Many times these profit margins show up as credits on your electric bill. NEC does not offer electric service in all deregulated areas so you will need to speak with a coop representative to find out if your area is serviced by them.

Nueces Electric Coop Phone Number

Toll-free: 1-800-NEC-WATT (1-800-632-9288)

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