Large Deposits Holding Businesses and Homes Back From Turning on Electricity

In Texas you have a lot of choices when it comes time to pick a commercial or residential electricity provider. If you are relocating to Texas or relocating to a deregulated area of Texas you will soon discover that getting your lights turned on might be a little harder than you may have first thought. For a new business or tax id starting out you will almost always have an unavoidable deposit that is required to get your electricity service turned on. There are providers that will offer electricity without a deposit no matter what your credit score looks like but you will likely have to pay an outrageous electric rate to begin with. There will always be a trade off if you want to avoid a deposit by having to pay a higher price for your electricity service.

If you are a Texas commercial business and your main concern is avoiding a deposit even if the electricity rate is higher than feel free to contact us on our commercial energy contact page by clicking here. We will try and get you the cheapest electric price but if we need to fit you with a provider that can get you in at a decent price and avoid paying a deposit we will keep that a consideration during the bid process. This way you can still have a detailed proposal showing you the cheapest electricity providers and if need be we can quickly get your electricity turned on with a company who is known to offer quick turnarounds on passing you on credit and not needing a deposit.

Residential Electricity Service Deposit Issues

For residential electricity service customers you can choose a prepaid electricity company but even though you are prepaying for your Texas electric service they will still want to charge you a very high price for your electricity. Many of these pre pay or pay as you go electricity companies have been known to prematurely cut power off without prior notice. Because the residential prepaid electricity market is littered with this bad reputation we do not recommend you choose a prepaid Texas electricity company to avoid a deposit. There are ways around high electricity prices and large deposits.

Electricity Bid started business back in 2002 when Texas first deregulated the energy market. We are not a shell company representing one or two electricity companies but have over 15 electricity companies we go out to in order to bid your electricity rate down on your behalf. For residential electricity customers it is a little more straightforward. You simply go to our comparison page on our site and we have several residential electricity comparison charts that outline the rates and fixed terms.

Electricity Bid helps you find an electric rate and provider to save you money and keep life simple.

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