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Many people like myself have searched for several years to find a cheap affordable solution using solar panels for your residential home. Unfortunately the cost has always outweighed the benefit of being off grid. The upfront capital investment in solar panels would take 20 years to successfully pay off and maybe more. Deep cycle batteries eventually deplete and new ones need to be bought to store the solar power energy created and then fed into the appliances and cooling systems for your house.

Recently new solar technology has come out in the news like the thin film solar panel technology that will allow solar panels to be manufactured similar to the printing of paper money. The problem exposed about thin film solar panels is that they are inefficient. To be fair the thin film technology may be inefficient but it is cheap to make and more affordable to consumers like me wanting to buy solar panels to assist in getting off the grid or atleast having a cogeneration set up. The way cogeneration works is that any unused power generated by off grid technology can be fed back on the grid and credited on your meter directly. Solar still needs some more advancements and breakthroughs and right now there is a shortage of silicon for manufacturers to start mass producing some of the new technologicaly tweaked solar panels. A recent discovery that has cast a shadow on thin film solar technology is the new vertically aligned, low-density carbon nanotubes that are the blackest material ever invented or created. You may wonder why it needs to be the blackest to be such a wonderful advancement in science. Having a blacker solar panel means it becomes extremely efficient and cost effective. A very black solar cell means you will not need to buy as many solar panels to do the same thing and it will cost less. Just like CPU processors have become smaller, more efficient, and less expensive the solar industry is working on doing the same.

So where do you go to buy the latest thin film solar panels and blackest of black more efficient solar panels? The answer is sketchy as manufacturers that sell solar panels are still selling old outdated technology because they have not yet produced an available retail product for a residential home using either thin film or the smaller blacker low-density carbon nanotube solar panels. We spoke with an engineer at Applied Materials and went back and forth with them about the thin film technology they have a patent on and licensing ability to make available to solar panel manufacturers. There are several manufacturers working on getting a product created especially in Asia and China but I received no email back from Applied Materials when I asked for just one available retail store selling the thin film solar panel technology. Applied Materials were happy to talk about manufacturing opportunities but were silent on if the technology has actually reached retail stores. For right now the solar panel technology is still in the dark ages for a residential home. If you are going to invest in a solar panel system for your residential home be aware that you may be buying something that will shortly be replaced by a more efficient cheaper solution. With everyone talking about Green Energy and many companies including the NFL, Fox, Green Mountain Energy, Al Gore and a slew of other companies there is no end in site to the demand for green energy products. I have never seen more demand for green energy and solar panels in my life and I can only imagine this will rise significantly when the new technology hits the retail shelf.

If you would like updates on new solar retail products and technology as it comes available we have contacts with Solar manufacturers, and several retail solar stores featured on TV and trade magazines that keep us current on any new developments. When we receive this information we will be happy to pass it along to you.

Feel free to contact the local Texas solar panel and renewable energy solutions company below who we use to keep us informed of solar panel technology updates. They have a newsletter they send out to prospective customers keeping them informed of the latest solar products and energy efficiency solutions in the market. They are very good people which is why I am recommending them. Just fill out their contact form and let them know you would like to be kept updated on new technology.

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Residential Homes now using Electric Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines for Residential Homes

Several residential customers in Texas are now buying and using successfully wind turbines. They were able to spend around $15,000 for the wind turbine, batteries, and inverter and breaker box setup to power much of their homes electricity. This is a large investment but if the insulation in the home is done well it may be well worth it. If radiant barrier is added over the existing insulation as well as under the house, on the ceiling, the floor and in the attic you can create a virtual freezer. Your home would keep about 98% of the radiant heat while keeping in any air conditioning you may be using. For some areas in Texas the cost to install a wind turbine is in the upwards range of $30,000 because of the energy needed and the height to achieve the 7 – 10 mile an hour wind speeds needed. Anything below 7 miles an hour in wind speed is not enough to start producing electricity with a wind turbine.

Once you start getting into the $30,000 price range for wind turbines it is better to start considering solar instead. The ideal solar setup does not use deep cycle batteries which can be half the cost of the solar setup. A solar installer can set the panels up so there is a cogeneration type of setup with the Texas electric grid. The solar company in Texas that installs the panels on your home will work with your TDSP utility to set the cogeneration setup from your house to the poles and wires. The transformer on the electric lines works as a battery so you do not have to buy the deep cycle batteries yourself. If you think about you pay TDSP charges every month to the TDSP company so why buy infrastructure that you are already paying for? During peak demand periods in the day your solar energy you create is sent back into the electric lines causing the electric meter to turn backwards. You will be selling electricity back to the utility during these periods. During non peak demand periods you can use the electric grids power and by doing it in this way you will dramatically lower the cost of your electric bill.

There are two types of solar panels you can buy in Texas. You can purchase the thin film solar panels or the photovoltaic solar panels. The photovoltaic Texas solar panels are the standard solution and are more efficient than the thin film. Thin film solar panels are cheaper but they are not as efficient. The best location for a thin film solar panel is on a metal roof. These thin film layers can easily be installed between the grooves in a metal roof.

Selling energy back on the Texas Grid

Selling Energy back on the electric grid

Some off the grid homes are even selling back excess energy back into the grid that they are not using. Having a home that is completely off the electric grid is cost prohibitive for most people and simply does not make sense in many areas in Texas because of the time it would take to recover the investment in the equipment. In Texas there is a law that makes it required that Texas energy companies buy this energy you put back into the grid. Some people are becoming even more enginuitive by buying diesel fuel generators and making a mixture of vegetable oil and fuel that will combust in the diesel generator with success. By adding a mixture of kerosene and leaded or unleaded gasoline you can put this mixture directly into the tank and convert it into electricity.

Diesel Generators running on Vegetable OilDiesel Generator running on vegetable oil

Much has been said about cars running on vegetable oil but not a lot of talk is out there for using this type of system to run your houses air conditioning system and other appliances. Amazingly you can add this vegetable oil fuel mixture to a diesel generator without the need of a converter. As energy rates continue to go up in price you will see home owners becoming more and more creative in how they go about saving money on their electricity. The commercial industry might eventually catch up with the consumers and offer kits and generators specifically for the energy saver in mind.

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