Texas Government Raising Your Electric Rates

Oh No! More Surcharges on Your Commercial Electric Bill

The Texas government has recently added a new surcharge to your commercial businesses electric bill. If you operate a commercial or industrial business in the state of Texas and are paying for electricity then you qualify for the additional surcharge on your electric bill regardless of the elecric company you have chosen to sell you electricity. Starting on 12/29/2008 for the Oncor Electric Delivery area (Dallas, Fort Worth) which is most of North Texas and starting 2/2/09 for the the CenterPoint Energy utility area (Houston, Harris and Fort Bend Counties) your electricity bill will now have a surcharge added under the TDSP line item. The new surcharge is called “Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) Meter Surcharge” and is based on your businesses kW demand.

How to Lower the new KW Surcharge

To keep this surcharge down you will want to limit the amount of large machines running at the same time in your commercial facility. The KW demand increases the more machines, appliances, printers, lights, etc you have on at the same time regardless of how long they are on. kWH is the amount of electricity you use in total but does not apply to this surcharge which is based totally on demand usage. This electricity surcharge is officially a PUCT-approved pass-through fee. There are electric providers out there that will extrapolate some of the fees from the “energy only” charge and place it in the TDSP line item to make their electric rate look better. This is not one of those charges or schemes. No matter the Texas electric company you may be using you will begin to see this new surcharge on your electric bill.

Possible Opportunity For Some Energy Companies to Scam

If you think that your “Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) Meter Surcharge” is excessively high or that the provider may not be charging you correctly for this charge then please feel free to give us a call. One of our energy consultants would be glad to do a bill audit and verify if what you are paying is an accurate charge or an attempt by an electric provider to increase the electricity rate they charge you.

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