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As many know, Reliant Energy remains the largest residential retail electricity company in the Houston area. Reliant has spent a lot of money trying to enter new territories such as Dallas, Arlington, Tyler, and Irving to take thousands of customers away from TXU Energy from their own backyard. Reliant Energy has done this through feet on the street tactics where the sales person at the home owners door will offer them a $50 dollar rebate or something similar and provide an electric rate that is a few cents cheaper then TXU Energy. This strategy has worked out very well for the large electricity companies like Reliant and TXU because most people have heard of these brand names and trust them. I live in the Tyler Texas area and have seen probably 3 different Reliant Energy billboards in what is considered TXU Energy’s backyard. This aggressive marketing approach is very simple, the big guys are going to the easiest customers. TXU and Reliant customers will pay a few cents higher for their energy in order to stay with a brand name they trust when switching away to the other well known brand. If they pay $500 more per year to be with Reliant or TXU they will do it and so Reliant Energy in Houston has taken the path of least resistance which is to take as many TXU Energy customers away from TXU as possible. We want to suggest checking out other reputable Houston area electric providers that have substantially lower electric rates then both Reliant and TXU. We have the best Houston residential electric rates listed on the top left of this page. All fees and charges are disclosed. Simply find the term and rate you want and click on “sign up now”. You can then read more about the rate and other plans and decide if it is the right fit for you or click here to compare all cheap Houston electricity company offers.

Has Reliant Energy Been Knocking on Your Door?

If you are a TXU Energy customer and have been approached by Reliant Energy of Houston to sign up on a slightly cheaper rate then TXU Energy offered, you are the customer we are talking about. We checked today on the Texas government website, “power to choose” and discovered that Reliant is offering a 12 month fixed rate at the price of 15.6 cents kWh. TXU Energy is offering a 14.7 cent per kWh rate in the Houston area and is most likely trying to compete on price solely with Reliant Energy in order to continue to steal Reliant Energy customers away from them. Like we said, for TXU it is easier to just take Reliant Energy customers when in Houston. There are millions of people in Houston signed up with Reliant and the price isn’t all that great so TXU continues to go after their customers until something in the market changes. We would like to suggest an alternative for Reliant Energy customers that are signing up with TXU Energy because they have a slightly better rate. Read below…

Reputable Texas Electricity Company and Cheapest Price

Don’t go with Brand go with the Best

If you are a TXU Energy customer, instead of saving a penny per kWh with Reliant Energy Houston you could potentially be saving as much as 4.8 cents per kWh. For a residential energy consumer in Houston that uses 1,000 kWh a month this equates to about $576 in savings per year. If you use about 2,000 kWh a month it would be double that in savings over Reliant Energy. There are now several reputable Houston electric companies that are not as big as TXU Energy or Reliant but have very good rates, billing, and customer service. These Houston electric providers also do not have hidden fees, gimmicks, or fuel adjustment surcharges. Our site focuses on getting these reputable electric companies into the public eye so you have other choices then falling for a slight decrease in rate against what Reliant Energy is offering. Right now at the time of this article we would like to suggest you give Startex Power a try. They are currently advertising their cheapest rates at a price of 10.8 cents a kWh for a 1 year fixed rate in the Houston area as of (April 17 2009 – the date this article was published). Startex also has other fixed rate terms available and they have no hidden fees or gimmicks to worry about. You can click here to learn more about Startex Power.

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