wacoHome to Baylor University, Waco has a population of 126,217. Waco was established in 1856. Historically, its only energy provider was CPL, but now residents and business have the ability to shop, compare and choose rates and companies of their own.

When comparing electric companies it is important to determine if you are a business or residence in Waco. If you are a business we recommend using our comparison tool and choose commercial.

When you do this it allows an energy consultant to work directly with your company to take you through our reverse auction process.

If you would like to skip filling out our information widget on the site you may always call us and begin the process immediately over the phone.

What we do to begin is simply to estimate your electric usage or if the facility has historical electric usage we can use that to get providers to bid against each other for your business.

We work the electric rate down among the electric companies until the top 3 have competitive prices to offer your company.

We create a detailed proposal that shows such things as fixed rates, variable prices, as well as more complex products depending on the size of your electric usage.

Fr residential customers our comparison widget does all this work for you immediately. You can type in your zip code and immediately start comparing prices and providers.

Once you have compared prices consider choosing a fixed rate. With a fixed electric rate you do not have to worry about your price going up on you after the first month.

With variable prices you never really know what will happen and because of this we ask that you avoid these plans unless you just need a short term solution.

In summary we love Waco Texas because of the natural beauty and the Baylor University school that is home to many of our friends and family. When using us to shop and order electric service you will be supporting a Christian based Texas business that desires to see to it that you pay less for your electricity.

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