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In Texas several counties are not yet deregulated

Not all counties have become deregulated in Texas

Although several counties in Texas have become deregulated there are many others that have a small population and have not chosen to go this route. These counties have their own municipal power and sometimes pay far less then the rest of the deregulated state but just as often pay the same or even more then the rest of the state. This problem of paying more then everyone else yet not having a choice to go elsewhere for energy is when people start to go up in arms.

What can a residential customer of electricity do to save money on electricity when they have no choice?

 Many residential power consumers have invested in large wind turbines at an investment of about $15,000 (including batteries, inverter and accessories) and have been able to sell excess energy they are not using back into the power grid. There is a Texas law in the books that requires the electric companies to buy back the energy a residential household or commercial business does not need. By supplementing your energy needs with a wind generator you could average down an electric rate of 9 cents\kwh to around 0-2 cents\kwh. Some energy users have even made money after calculating it out over the entire year.

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