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National Power Company has a very good 6 month rate

National Power company today on www.powertochoose.org shows a great 6 month electricity rate of 12.1 cents kwh (As of June 1 2007). If you were to sign up today (June 1 2007) your term would expire in November giving you the opportunity to sign up while the weather is mild. This could possibly mean that there could be energy surpluses in November while natural gas is not being used as much by heaters or air conditioning. Because of energy surpluses you usually see natural gas and electricity prices come down some during these times. This of course is not guaranteed but for those who like to roll the dice and get in on market timing, now would be a good time with National Power Company. Their 6 month rate is 12.1 cents per kwh but don’t cancel as the early termination fee is $300.


We Have Since Learned That National Power Company Has Been Reneging on their fixed electric rate contracts. The old adage, “if it seems to good to be true it probably is”, apply’s here. We have had over 100 disastified customers call or email us letting us know that National Power Company has cancelled their different fixed term contracts whether it be a 6 month rate, 12 month, 18 month they were cancelled this summer May 2008. Apparently National Power Co. does not hedge their energy so if the market does not go their way they pass that on to the customer.

You can read the whole fiasco on our main blurb about National Power Company here: NationalPowerco.com

National Power Company Electricity Facts Label
PUC # – 10106, Residential Service Plan for theTexas Region
6 Month Price Protection Plan (Fixed Rate)
Issue Date: May 2007
Version#: 050107

Electricity Prices

Average monthly use:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:
0-500 kWh 501-1,000 kWh 1001-Greater kWh

Centerpoint Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.122 $0.122 $0.122

TXU Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.121 $0.121 $0.121

AEP Central Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.130 $0.130 $0.130

WTU (AEP North) Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.130 $0.130 $0.130

TNMP Service Area:
Average price per kilowatt-hour:

$0.122 $0.122 $0.122

Your average price for electricity service will vary according to your actual monthly usage. The price is a flat pricing structure. The price per kWh includes standard transmission and distribution kWh charges as established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and is subject to change during the term of this agreement if there are any changes in fees imposed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and/or Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) authorized changes in standard Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) charges . This price does not include any taxes, nor is it limited to the following non-recurring (TDSP) charges: a new service initiation fee, connection fee, fee for any meter reading performed outside the normal cycles, disconnection fee, and/or re-connection fee. A $250 deposit may be required. A $4.95 monthly base customer charge will be applied to customers who use less than 500 KWh per month.


Minimum Term: 6 months Penalty for early cancellation: $300

See Terms of Service for a full listing of fees, deposit policy, and other terms

Sources of




This product

(for comparison)

Coal and Lignite



Natural Gas






Renewable Energy









Emissions and waste per kWh generated


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  1. qchristy

    I had an agreement with National Power Co. for one year fixed rate , and after one month they are going up from 11.0 per kWh to 15.3 perkWh.
    They are breaking there contract, so they should have to pay me for a cancellation fee.
    I will contact the B.B.B

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