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How WiTricity works

This is the new way of transmitting power to devices in a room as far a way as 9 feet. Picture it as a wireless way of transmitting electricity to say a laptop, cell phone and even the ceiling light. No wires needed but your devices receive power. It sounds a little crazy I know but this is what has been invented and tested by some MIT students and scientist, Dr Soljacic.

How WiTricity works

This invention consists of a copper coil placed on the ceiling or in the ceiling that produces a weak electro magnetic field. Only devices created to react with this field will soak up the energy. By placing a coil in each room in a house you could potentially power the whole house using this wireless or WiTricity device.

WiTricity Potential and Risks

I personally see this having some serious potential and estimate that Wal*Mart, Lowes and Home Depot will soon have WiTricity appliances in the very near future as this would be so easy to apply in many different applications for home and business. A question that pops into my head is, will this possibly cause Luekemia or some kind of cancer. That fear is always raised about those living near large power transformers and lines. The fear has never been scientifically justified as being true but if this wireless power were in every room in every house in the United States it would be a matter of time before we would possibly know because the numbers of Leukemia patients would probably drastically go up if it were a legitimate fear.

WiTricity Invention

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  1. Witricity

    I like the post. Witricity is an interesting technology. I wonder how it will progress?

  2. I wish I knew the answer to that butit sounds like it uses pretty standard technology so I doubt it will be too costly.

  3. Blodwyn

    Its all old news Tesla had it eons ago.. but then agen the weld was made to forget who exactly got power into the homes in the first place..

  4. Angelboyfelyx

    It would be interesting to know what the efficiency of usage would be…are we 'wasting' electricity if we forget to turn the device off at night? Are we losing electricity if we don't have enough electrical devices on? Can we gauge the output with a rheostat like device? Our energy is still mass produced using nuclear and oil based methods…being inefficient would only add to current challenges!!! Sending energy out unused seems counterproductive as the economic and ecological cost of its manufacture increases. Angelboyfelyx yahoo

  5. Rubil Garrido

    Queria saber si es que la coneccion en los locales produce algun tipo de efecno en la interface cerebral del hombre, pues como imagino que la mente trabaja con carga, nos cargariamos de corriente jajaja pero en realidad queria saber si hay efectos colaterales

  6. shashank

    what will effect on magnetic devices in electronic equipment & rbc in human being.pls send the answer on above email address..

  7. Bryan

    Yes, the power efficiency is 40% to 70% depending on the size of the transmitting coils and the distance between objects. Its not as efficient as say a power outlet, but it has its fundamental benefits of being wireless. Depending if the transmitting "antenna" (the coil) is designed poorly (intentional) it will radiate less power outwards. The better the "antenna" is designed, the more power it radiates. So in essence your trying to build a poor design antenna-wise (think wireless data) to negate power radiated. The power will only couple with other resonant objects in the room that have a receiver coil (much smaller) that will "couple" with the matching resonant frequency.

  8. devin

    hey bryan….i have several queries on witricity…can u plz gimme ur email id..i wud like to clarify certain doubts…

  9. Michael Fuyu

    It's sound good but I agree with what Angelboyfelyx yahoo said, the power efficiency seems too low and not practical. However, I believe technology will improve like adding smart antenna technology for transmitting, or add some initiate signaling to reduce power waste. Combining wireless communication technology and receiving initiate signal before turn on the device on the ceiling, use smart antenna or space diveristy technology to increase the power efficiency.

  10. saurabh kharakwal

    i want to make project on witricity…….help me out…please….

  11. Dan Thomas

    There is no need to worry about sending energy out unused. Because it resonates at a specific frequency, it is reabsorbed by the transmitter if it does not have a load to transfer to. Though I suspect that some of the energy will be lost in the ether.

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