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Hudson Energy Services

Hudson Energy Services

Hudson Energy Services out of Texas had a fixed price residential electricity rate of 12.3 cents\kwh which was the lowest out there for a 12 month contract. Since that time they have raised their residential electric rate quite a bit next to the other Texas electric providers. As of April 2008 they offer a rate at 14.1 cents kWh. This electric is considered to be on the high end of what you can get right now. The early termination fee is $150 and there appears to be no monthly customer service charge. They also do not require a deposit. If you do not meet the credit check requirements then they will not accept a deposit. This means if you do not have good credit you cannot use this electric company.

The rate was great and I would have recommended this company a year ago but their rates have steadily increased above the comparable offers. They seem like a good residential electriity company to go with if their prices ever come back down but right now I recommend shopping other companies like Startex Power. If you compare Hudson’s electric rate with Spark Energy’s electric rate from a year ago, Hudson beats spark by .002 cents\kwh.  A small fraction but we now have a provider that has undercut Spark Energy by a large fraction. Startex Power beats both Spark Energy and Hudson Energy on all terms.

Learn more about Startex Power

Electricity Facts Label
Hudson Energy Services LLC, REP Ceritificate 10092
Texas Super Saver 12 – TXUED Service Area Plan

Average monthly use: 500 kWh 1,000 kWh 1,500 kWh
Average price per kilowatt-hour: 12.3¢ 12.3¢ 12.3¢
This price disclosure is an example based on:

Monthly charge:

  Electric Service
All kWh 12.3¢

Minimum Term: 12 months
Penalty for early cancellation: $150

See Terms of Service statement for a full listing of fees, deposit policy, and other terms.

Sources of
  This product Texas (for comparison)
Coal and Lignite 27.5% 27.5%
Natural Gas 58.0% 58.0%
Nuclear 9.4% 9.4%
Renewable Energy 2.0% 2.0%
Other 3.1% 3.1%
Total 100% 100%
Emissions and
waste per
kWh generated


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  1. Dan

    Where can I go to get information on Pure Energy Solutions? They are agressively looking for sales consultants.

  2. Ona

    you all no longer service dallas tx. any more? because I had you all about 8 or 9 yaers ago.

  3. TexasChick

    You are right on the money.

    We signed a 24-month contract with Hudson Energy in 2008 and tied in at a substantially GREAT rate. After referring a friend to Hudson and raving about Hudson's great rates and service, I was shocked to learn just how much their rates have increased. Hudson has been good to us and their customer service has been impeccable; however, given the above information, we more than likely will be switching providers in the next few months.

    Thanks for the above rate comparisons.

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