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Theft of Electricity via Witricity

Stealing Electricity

Witricity was actually first observed in the 50’s but among its many problems was the unsafe factor. Having electricity carried through electro magnetic waves could be cause for nervousness or even cancer. Another major objection would be the theft of electricity through the wireless waves.

If you thought theft of broadband internet through wireless network cards was a problem you could easily surmise that theft of electricity would be an even major concern. Considering the fact that people pay a lot more per month on electricity you would assume there would be people stealing it via witricity wireless devices.

We will have to wait and see what may happen. For right now we can only guess as to what the risks might be.

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  1. Keith

    Pretty much any 'wireless' device that involves transmitting data through the electro magnetic spectrum has always had those worries/problems. I mean, today, people still steal cable tv, and thats wired!

  2. Rob

    Well said, and even wired electric supplies are easily rigged for free supply. Just pull the main fuse, loop out the meter, and in most instances you're up and running. Bill says your disconnected, lights on says your not.

  3. Aaronedw77

    Witricity does NOT use EM, like WiFi, or radio. Tf it did you would be injured severly if you came between the "beam" from the transmitter to the reeiver. It uses a Quantum tunneling effect as yet not fully understood. The range seems to be limited aswell. But most importantly a transmitter and receiver are "paired" so, your receiver won't pick up other peoples power transmitter. Unlike Radio receivers and transmitters these devices can not be tuned on the fly i.e. you can't change channels. So power theft will be difficult at best

  4. Bryan

    There are several ways to transmit wireless electricity, EM nearfield coupling is one of them. But it should really be said its magnetic coupling via near-field, meaning a lot of the biological health implications are not applicable like they would be for far-field EM techniques. Also the magnetic field created is the same as that created by the Earth (harmless), unlike B = 1 Tesla like that of an MRI scanner. Although, with this method of near-field, it limits WiTricity to midrange applications. QT is definitely another next-gen method.

    IEEE talks more about it here: http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/oct07/5579

  5. nardi

    Geez, does no one actually READ the article?

    It uses resonant magnetic coupling, not electromagnetic radiation. It poses absolutely no threat whatsoever to living organisms or anything else, since the magnetism only strongly affects a resonator at a precise frequency.

    It is a VERY well understood physical phenomenon–it's simply that no one thought to use it for energy transfer before 2005.

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