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How competitive is Econnergy Residential Electricity Rate?

How competitive is Econnergy Energy Company for Texas Residential Electricity?

Econnergy Energy Company Inc offers a not so competitive residential electricity product.

After looking on the Texas website to see what new Retail Electric Providers are on the seen and what exactly they have to offer I discovered this company. When comparing their rate with some of the other electric rates listed you see that they are quite a bit higher. Take into consideration that not only is the rate higher but they charge a $4.95 customer service fee. Depending on your usage you might pay anywhere from 14.5 cents kwh to 13.2 kwh on the low end. These rates are accurate as of June 2007.

Now looking at Spark Energy, ambit Energy, FirstChoice Power, and a few others you can see that rates come in between 11 – 12 cents kwh. This is quite a bit lower then Econnergy and some of these companies do not charge a customer service fee for being their customer. Why would they charge you for being their customer anyway? It’s a bad term any way you look at it. 

PUCT License #10080
Residential Oncor Electric Delivery
Tex Flex Plan Price Offer, 06/18/07 v.061807.tfp

$4.95/ month

This price disclosure is an example based on 1,000 kWh average usage. Your actual average price for electric service will vary according to your actual monthly usage pattern and the specific rate that we charge you each month. We reserve the right to change our rate at any point during the term of this contract for any purpose we deem appropriate. The electricity prices disclosed above include supply charges and TDSP charges as established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT). Your price per kWh may vary based on changes in fees imposed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and/ or if the PUCT authorizes changes in standard TDSP charges. The above prices do not include any non-recurring fees such as new service initiation fees, connection fees, fees for out of cycle meter reads or any disconnect/ reconnect fees. All prices are exclusive of taxes. See our Terms of Service document for additional information.


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