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San Patricio County Texas Electricity Rates lower for the summer

San Patricio County Texas Electricity Rates are low for the summer

The following cities offer deregulated electricity choices in San Patricio County

Del Sol-Loma Linda
Falman-County Acres
Ingleside on the Bay
Lake City
Lakeshore Gardens-Hidden Acres
Morgan Farm Area
Rancho Chico

In San Patricio County Texas electricity rates have dropped for both commercial businesses and residential homes. The reason for the sudden drop does not have anything to do with the weather. Although in many parts of Texas there have only been about two 95 degree days.  This does not make for a very hot summer although it is plenty hot to be running the air conditioner.

The reason for the drop in electricity prices in the face of summer heat has more to do with energy traders driving the price down in the short term due to speculation, greed and fear. Energy traders can cause the commodities market to go up and down for reasons that have little to do with the fundamental pricing strategies used in pricing raw materials such as natural gas and coal.

What do you do when energy drops in the face of a hot summer?

You lock in an electricity rate while the price is lower then it has been at all year. Lock in for 1 or 2 years and feel the satisfaction of getting in while the market is low. The market can spike up in less then a week. Don’t hesitate but do it while you can. This fall in prices will not necessarily last for long.

We have seen prices at .078 cents kwh which is a fantastic rate for a commercial business looking to add a little money to their bottom line.

San Patricio County Texas Electricity

Sign up while prices are low or you may have to wait and try again next year.

Facts about San Patricio County Texas

San Patricio County is located on the lower Gulf Coast in the Coastal Prairies region. Sinton Texas is the county seat and is just northeast of the center of the county sixteen miles north of Corpus Christi. San Patricio County covers 693 square miles of generally flat land with tall prairie grasses spotted by mesquite and live oak trees.

Energy produced in San Patricio

San Patricio has contributed in the production of energy in Texas through an abundance of natural resources. These rich resources include industrial sand, caliche, natural gas, and petroleum. In 1982, 37,904,000,000 cubic feet of gas-well gas, 3,648,000 barrels of petroleum, and 4,800,000 cubic feet of casinghead gas were produced in San Patricio; caliche was mined in the western part of the county.

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