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Radioactive Boy Scout' Charged in Smoke Detector Theft

Radioactive Boy Scout Charged in Smoke Detector Theft

David Hahn
Saturday, August 4th, 2007

The Radioactive Boyscout

DETROIT —  A man who became the subject of a book called “The
Boy Scout” after trying to build a nuclear reactor in a shed as a
has been charged with stealing 16 smoke detectors. Police say it was a
possible effort to experiment with radioactive materials.

Arraigned Thursday on felony charges

David Hahn, 31, was being held Friday on a $5,000 bond in the Macomb
Jail after he was arraigned Thursday on felony larceny charges. Clinton

Township police Capt. Richard Maierle said Hahn denied the charges.

A district court clerk on Friday said Hahn did not have an attorney.
Associated Press called the jail in an effort to speak to Hahn, but a
sheriff’s spokesman said the jail does not give messages to inmates.
preliminary examination was scheduled for Aug. 13.

Investigators say Hahn was arrested Wednesday after a maintenance
worker saw
him stealing a detector from a ceiling in an apartment complex where he

lived. They later found the other detectors in his apartment in the
suburb of Clinton Township.

His face was covered in open sores

Police say that Hahn’s face was covered with open sores, possibly from
constant exposure to radioactive materials. [Or maybe exposure to meth
something else – – JH ]

Smoke detectors have a small amount of radioactive isotope

Hahn learned that a small amount of a radioactive isotope could be
found in
smoke detectors during his experiments in the 1990s, according to a
article in Harper’s Magazine that later expanded into a book by
Ken Silverstein.

Maierle said his department evacuated the apartment complex and called
state police bomb squad, which found no hazardous materials.

He said officials learned in January that Hahn had returned to the area

after serving in the U.S. Navy.

“Because of his past, we were a tad bit concerned,” he said, adding his

department alerted the FBI when they found out he was back in Michigan.
didn’t want any other radioactive sites to pop up.”

Hahn’s first brush with authorities came in August 1994, after police
stopped him during an investigation into neighborhood tire thefts.
found radioactive materials, chemicals, rocks, plastic and glass
bottles and
two exploded pipes in his car, Maierle said.

Just trying to earn an Eagle Scout Badge

In a subsequent interview with a state health official, Hahn said he
been trying to produce energy and hoped it would help him earn his
Scout badge, according to the Harper’s article. Hahn also acknowledged
having a backyard laboratory in a potting shed at his mother’s home in
Oakland County’s Commerce Township, the article said.

Authorities declared the structure a hazardous materials site and
sealed it.
Crews from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency led a Superfund
in 2005 that included dismantling the shed and shipping its remains to
buried at a low-level radioactive waste site in Utah, the article said.

Hahn received a Scouting merit badge for atomic energy in 1991, the

Maierle said Hahn’s 1994 arrest was expunged in 1996. His arrest this
was reported by The Macomb Daily of Mount Clemens.,2933,292111,00.html

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