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Choosing a Houston Electric Utility Company in Texas

How to pick a Houston electric utility

You may use the comparison chart on the left to compare several Houston electricity compainies. We pride ourselves in going a few steps further than some Texas electricity providers by disclosing every charge in the advertised electric rate and averaging those charges together so you no exactly what you will be paying. We offer no tricks or gimmicks just a clear easy to understand comparison. You will need to enter your zip code in the box to the left to get started.

Picking a Houston Retail Electric Provider

Texas Retail electric providers must be certified by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. There are several energy providers in Houston Texas but only a few offer truly competitive rates. There are literally about 200 different electricity rate plans out there but your best bet is to stay on a fixed electricity rate for a term of atleast 12 months.

Learn more about the deregulation of electricity in Texas, shop electricity rates and compare offers from Houston electricity providers by visitng Power to Choose.

Follow these instructions, and save money buy picking a cheaper provider:

  1. Go to the Texas government website
  2. Compare the Offers on the site
  3. Put your zipcode in the Zipcode box
  4. Verify the quoted electricity rate by reading the facts label carefully.
  5. If you are still uncertain there are a couple we know of that offer a low electricity rate and the best way to find out is to use our compare chart at the top right.
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    THEY ARE HORRIBLE!! We moved into our two bedroom apartment in August and signed a 12-mo contract with spark. The first 2 months we got bills of $10-30/mo and we knew something was wrong. After hurricane Ike..we got our November bill of $800! We called and said it was not possible for our bill to be so high. We asked them to come reread the meter a week later they came and reread said it was correct but that maybe our meter wasn't reading properly and needed to be checked. A week later they checked our meter. 2 weeks later they determined that our meter hadn't been checked since 1994 and wasn't reading within the proper parameters. A week later they replaced our meter. Then we got our December bill for $230. We called to dispute and even though logic would tell them that if our meter was wrong then our bill would also be wrong they insited that they were right and our bill was adjusted and correct. Other people in our complex with the same size apartment pay $120/mo. Then we received a late fee of about $40 b/c we hadnt paid our bills (which are supposed to be automatically taken out of the bank and the account was put on hold b/c of the dispute) Then January bill comes $290. We talk to these people who do NOT know how to run a business several times a week. They have changed their story everytime we talk to them. Now they are saying that our meter was never reading wrong. If the meter wasnt wrong..why did they replace it? Keep in mind that this is a very abbreviated version of the story. They are complete idiots. They lie! They change their stories and are unwilling to work with their customers. We have had people come check our appliance energy usage and all are running properly so they are complete idiots and I would never ever ever recommend them to anyone! We want to break our contract with them but $300 to break a contrack really stinks but its worth it to get away from these idiots!! I have never had a problem like this with any energy company I have used. But since our problems have found several others who have had similar issues with spark.

    -SPARK SUCK!!!

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    Finding an electrician should be easy. But finding an electrician that’s right for your job may require some extra work. If an electrician has a state license you can probably assume that he has some capabilities in the field. When talking with Houston electrician, ask to see a copy of his license. Call the local state contractors licensing board to verify any electrician’s license. You also need proof of liability and workers comp insurance and check that the policies are current.


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