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Baytown Texas Electricity

Baytown Texas Commercial Electricity

These are the current month’s electric rates from some of the more competitive Retail Providers this month. These residential electricity rates are competitive prices updated monthly. If you need refreshed electric prices please feel welcome to call. If you want a snapshot of what commercial electricity rates are doing in Baytown Texas right now please look at our commercial rate chart below.

Commercial and Industrial Baytown Texas electricity rates are a little different than a residential electric rate. With residential electricity every home owner pays the same for their TDSP charges. Most residential electricity companies will fix the TDSP charges and average them into the overall electric rate. Because most residential electric companies average the TDSP charges into the rate it makes it very easy to compare Baytown Texas electricity prices amongst each other. The zip code tool at the top of this page will help you make that residential electricity comparison.

Commercial electricity prices are always different from business to business because you pay a different TDSP charge based on how your commercial facility uses their electricity. Load, demand, and profile effect how your TDSP charges are priced. Sometimes demand is 90% of your TDSP charges. You then must add the TDSP fees to the “energy only” price to see what your total electricity rate will be for your Baytown commercial facility. We make this whole process easy in our proposal process as well as reverse auction.

We go out to around 10 -15 Texas electricity providers that are licensed tp do business in Baytown and have them bid on your commercial or industrial electric usage. If you are a new business these electricity providers will do their best job at estimating your usage and quote you a price. We put these prices through a reverse auction to lower them further. Once we have achieved optimum results we create a proposal we send to you via email.

You can take your time looking over the proposal but if a day passes we will need to have prices refreshed as the electricity markets move on a daily basis and profit margins are thin on these prices. To learn more be sure to click on our contact link and fill out our form or give us a call at 1-800-971-4020.

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Baytown Texas Building Permit

If your company in Baytown has a new construction project or you just need a building permit then you can download the form below and send it in. The city will inspect your facility and approve it for business. They will then fax this to your utility Centerpoint Energy. Centerpoint Energy will then be able to approve any electric contracts that come through the ERCOT system.

Baytown Texas Building Permit – download

Permit Instructions – download

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