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Humble Texas Electric Companies

Humble Texas Electric Rate Comparison

Humble Texas has several competitive electric companies to choose from. A unique way for commercial businesses to achieve a competitive electric rate is by being placed in our reverse auction. The electric rate is bid down in process made to provide to you the lowest electric rate available.

Here is a snapshot of Electric Rates for this month

Commercial electricity rates in Humble Texas vary based on load factor, peak usage, load profile, and other factors. The chart below is to give you an idea of where commercial and industrial electricity rates are like in Humble at this time of year. Please call 1-800-971-4020 for an update.

Humble Texas Commercial Building Permits

New businesses and construction require a certificate of occupancy by way of a building inspection by the city. You cannot contract an electric rate without this city inspection. To begin follow the forms below.

Humble Texas Building Permit Form
Humble Texas Building Permit Fees

Humble Texas Building Permit Office

Located in the City Hall Building, 14 W. Higgins, Humble, Texas 77338

Phone: 281-446-6228 Fax: 281-446-7843

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