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How To Build Your Own Electric Power Plant

Building A Power Plant Isn’t As Hard As It Sounds

If you live in Texas you know what I mean about higher then the average electric price. We rank number 39 of the highest electric prices in the nation. Texas is unusual in that we are split up into 5 regions instead of a node based system. For instance, Houston Texas is a major congestion zone. The bottleneck created in Houston effects all of Harris County. If you live in a smaller city in Harris County you are basically paying for the problems in Houston. In 2008 the nodal system will make Houston pay in their node and alleviate the higher electric rates in non-congested areas in Harris County.

Building your own power plant requires going to Home Depot or Lowes and ordering a Diesel Generator. You can then read this authoritative source on how to make your own bio-diesel. By making your own fuel you will be able to make your electricity for much cheaper then you are paying for it from your current Retail Electric Provider.

You can read how to do it here – Click Here!

Storing Excess Electricity You Generate

If you would like to store excess electricity generated off the diesel generator then you can store it in 4, 6 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries. This will total 24 Volts of total capacity. They will hold about 900 amp hours of electricity but you can only use half of that as these Deep Cycle Batteries must remain at least half charged to maintain their life. Trojan Brand Deep Cycle Batteries remain the best type to buy and you can get them at most Golf Cart Supply Stores.

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  1. Truman Kerr

    I live in Wimbleton Estates. Our street lights are using electricity from ???? Why can't we install solar cells like they use for school zone lights?

  2. Street Lights actually use a decent chunk of electricity with the type of bulb used in those old timey city street lights. There are some solar power companies that sell solar street light setups but they are a little pricey. If you are interested I have a discount solar company contact that I can have call you regarding a particular street light solar system called the SunWizeTM Outdoor Area Lighting system. It is a very good bright completely solar lighting system. It may take awhile to recoup the investment but atleast you will be off the grid. You can contact me at 817-929-7095.

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