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Disney Teams Up With The Energy Department

Ratatouille and Department of Energy TV Spot

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The Disney film with its lovable rate runs around with an energy efficient light bulb trying to help convince America to become more energy efficient. The government is also taking steps to revamp the outdated ineffecient power grid in the United States. So you can’t say the government is being hypocrytical. They are doing their part to invest in more efficient technology and now they are asking America to step up and buy more energy efficient appliances for our homes and businesses. They have the energystar program that rates devices based on a tiered level of efficiency. The energyguide shows the savings of a particular appliance when compared with other appliances. You know exactly how efficient the appliance is when compared with others in the same group.

When you go into a store to buy an appliance just be sure to look at both the energyguide sticker and see if it is considered an energystar rated device. This government seal of approval is a good way to find a device that won’t waiste a ton of energy.

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